Using Filler to Hide Imperfections

January 6, 2014

If you’re worried your room is not exactly the correct size or shape for our tin tiles to look fantastic, worry no more. Filler can be used to complete irregularly shaped ceilings or spaces with uneven dimensions. It can also be used to eliminate gaps when molding is not purchased in conjunction with tin tiles. Another inherent benefit of filler is that it avoids cutting our large panels in half, which would ruin the design and symmetrical patterns. Filler is sold in flat textured 24” x 24” pieces and is made of the same high quality materials as our panels- .010 tin-plated steel. Ours is the only in the industry to have a nail rail, making the transition from one panel to another virtually seamless.

To determine how much filler you need, start at the very center of your ceiling and measure the maximum number of tiles you can install, working outwards. It may help to mark the ceiling in pencil where the tiles will interlock. Any extra perimeter space where the walls meet the ceiling will be where the filler goes as trim. The amount of filler on each side can be different and will simply depend on the size and shape of your specific room.

Filler is easiest to use with Drop-in installations, as it fits nicely into excess grid space, but it can also be used for Nail-up and SnapLock projects to act as a perimeter piece. The filler panel is nailed over the male flange of a Snaplock Installation or inserted in the female flange. If you are using molding in conjunction with your installation, the molding will project out from the wall requiring less filler. Molding should be the last piece to install as a transition between the filler and the panels.

As a note, filler is not required for any installation, nor will it ruin the overall effect to not use it. With a 12” or 6” repeating pattern, the most common and easier installation is to go wall to wall with the panels, eliminating the need for filler altogether. We only really recommend filler when you’ve chosen a full 24” design with deeper impressions like pattern #7 or #11. If you have questions whether filler would be right for you, our project team is happy to help!


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