Valentine’s Day Gifts Made Out of Tin Ceiling Tiles

February 10, 2014

If you’re like most people, the go-to box of chocolates and flowers is a bit tired for a Valentine’s Day gift. Or, if you’re one of the 64% of American men who forgot to make Valentine’s plans in advance and everything in town is now booked, let us help you make it a special night in. This Valentine’s Day, spend some time making it a more personal day that shows you put some real effort in, whether it be by crafting an awesome gift for your loved one or doing something together to improve your home with tin ceiling tiles.

Great Gifts

A homemade picture frame or collage board is a great way to reminisce about some of your favorite moments together. Antiqued and romantic-looking, our tin ceiling tiles are perfect to craft with for their durability yet flexibility (ease of cutting with tin snips). A popular Pinterest project, making a magnetic message board is a special way to showcase keepsakes like ticket stubs from events you’ve attended, photos and other special memories to remind your partner of all the good times together.

Something for the Home

Spice up your bedroom with a new tin headboard or tile mirror. Taking approximately just half an hour, surprise your loved one with an update to your most romantic space. We detail how to build a headboard in 7 easy steps - simply invest in some plywood, brad nails, wood molding, and the tin pattern of your choosing.

Togetherness Projects

If you’d rather spend some time together working on a long-term project to collectively improve your homestead and invest in your future, consider installing a tin ceiling or kitchen backsplash. Both easy weekend DIY projects, it’s a great way to bond while building something you can be proud of. We promise there will be minimal swearing as long as you keep a bottle of wine nearby.


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