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December 23, 2015

The possibilities for tin panels in interior design reach far beyond just ceilings! Tin panels also make for ideal design accents on walls and wainscoting with their subtle textures, variety of finish options, beautiful and unique patterns, and ease of installation. Read more about exceptional wall applications from around the globe…

Lindsay Chambers Design -

Pattern #2 - Gold Washed White, Silver Washed White

Lindsay Chambers’ adept use of Pattern #2 as a living room fireplace surround and a master bedroom accent wall speaks for itself. Pattern #2 is a perfect choice for a wall application for a home or retail location because of the elegant simplicity and low profile depth of this tin panel.

Le Labo -

Pattern #21 - Silver Washed Pewter

The elegant perfumier, Le Labo, selected Pattern #21 in Silver Washed Pewter for their retail store in Paris. Pattern #21 is delicately textured and adds an industrial counterbalance to Le Labo’s delicate fragrances.

NACIONAL Amsterdam -

Pattern #36 - Custom finish

Nacional Amsterdam is a Heineken-affiliated restaurant and commissioned a special pattern with the Heineken Star for this destination bistro. Applied on the walls throughout the restaurant, Pattern #36 delivers an impactful brand presence without overpowering the other design elements in the space.

Contour Interior Design -

Patterns #1, #3, #5, #18, #19 - Custom finished by designer

Nina Magon’s skillful mixing of patterns and hand-painted colors for her client’s master bedroom wall has inspired thousands across Pinterest and Houzz.

Home Install by Brenda J.

Pattern #33 - Burnt Umber

A custom Palm Springs project, Pattern #33 has been installed to create a larger synchronous design in this upscale home’s hallway.

Stan & Co -

Pattern #3 - Custom Paint

Stan & Co is an Amsterdam cafe that shares the good life with its clientele. Amidst delicious baked goods, wine, and music, a hand-finished tin panel bar facing provides a bright design element in the otherwise low-lit space.


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