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What does your ceiling say about you?

February 13, 2014

You spend hours designing the interior of your home, paying close attention to the types of couches, the angle of the coffee table, and even the materials of the rug. But have you considered what your ceiling says about you? Ceilings are often an afterthought in home remodeling, but in reality, they can provide one of the most dramatic and impactful upgrades to a room. You don’t have to just settle for what you purchased - ceiling remodels are surprisingly less expensive than you may think and it’s a way to make your 5th wall a main focal point. Whether it’s tin, wood, drywall, or grid-style, your ceiling design is actually quite revealing about your personality so determine which style you like before planning an upgrade. A tin ceiling is a great statement piece and perfect for homeowners who love playing with colors and textures.

“I love the outdoors.”

Wood is the go-to material for an earthy and natural design within the home. The rich, golden hue and rugged, grainy texture creates a warm and comfortable living environment. Timber is popular for rustic cabins in the woods, while bamboo and redwood are big contenders for beach homes. Wood ceiling homeowners love the outdoors, living an eco-friendly lifestyle, and designing with neutral color pallets.

“I like it simple.”

Standard in the 50s, drywall and popcorn ceilings have become a mainstay for many American homes. The old-fashioned ceilings leave little to the imagination and often have visitors looking toward other parts of the home for interesting and exciting design pieces. Homeowners will drywall appreciate the simplicity of life and don’t get caught up in the frills and thrills prominent in contemporary home design. Most are unaware there are even options to upgrade these dull ceilings, and that our patented Snaplock ceiling tiles are just the solution. Simply screwing into existing drywall, it’s easier than they’d ever believe to spruce up a room without needing to completely rip out the wall.

“I’m all business.”

Grid ceilings are commonly found in no nonsense homes and businesses, and most businesses don’t find it necessary to change them. Typically paired with solid, sleek design pieces, grid ceilings lovers aim for minimalist designs that don’t distract from the big picture. While coffered grid ceilings can modernize the look, buildings with grid-ceilings rarely stray from functional and conventional style.

“I’m adventurous.”

Tin ceiling homeowners are fearless in their design choices and love to play with patterns, shapes, and colors whenever they get the chance. With a nod to vintage Victorian-era design, tin ceilings are perfect for a modern elegance within the home and with the variety of styles and installation types the tin ceiling homeowner may often find themselves incorporating the tin tiles into other parts of their home as a backsplash or other accent pieces.


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