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What is Wainscoting?

October 22, 2013

Traditionally wainscoting is wood paneling that lines the lower walls of a room. Originally it applied only to high quality riven oak boards developed to make stone structures feel more comfortable by providing insulation. Today, they are more for decorative, ornate purposes and are often found in 17th and 18th century Victorian designs. Boiserie is a similar technique, used to define intricately carved wood paneling and can include moldings that are painted or gilded. Both wainscoting and boiserie can be used to frame more than just walls, but other interior elements like cupboards, doors and shelves.

American Tin Ceiling Company offers tiles available for wainscoting and also a new trend in interior design, metal wall cladding, which is an architectural element similar to metal roofing that is found on the side of a structure. Wall Cladding is ideal for both form and function, adding visual interest, while providing insulation and reducing energy consumption. It is a unique way to add aesthetic appeal to dining rooms, hallways, offices, bars, counters, freestanding room dividers, and wherever else you can come up with.

Wainscoting and wall cladding can be installed using Nail-Up panels, the same technique as a backsplash. 12” and 6” patterns are recommended with the M1 or M2 flat molding as a base rail. Chair rails can be used as stiles every 4’ to give it even more of a classic look. G1 corner molding is ideal for an outside corner trim. Choose from 80 different finishes in 34 patterns to create a dramatic, custom look. You can paint the wood baseboard and rails to match your tin panels for a flawless, artisan finish.


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