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Where Do Our Patterns Come From?

June 23, 2014

One question we always get asked is where our beautiful patterns come from. And the answer is a variety of places. Some of the Victorian styles we buy at antique auctions. Others we replicate from designs we see. We try to cater to a range of home styles by offering as many modern, geometric patterns as old-world ornate designs. Some of the most interesting stories are below.

Pattern #22

The #22 tin ceiling tile (24"x 24") is a beautiful design that was salvaged from an abandoned 1800s building Cheyenne, Wyoming that was destroyed by fire.

Pattern #23

The #23 tin ceiling tile is a dramatic pattern preserved from an early 1900s schoolhouse in Duluth, Minnesota that burned down.

Most Popular Patterns

By far the most popular design for an old-world Victorian look is Pattern #2. An arcing diamond that produces a circle when installed, Pattern #3 is the 6” version of Pattern #2, making it the most popular for backsplashes and wainscoting. For modern homes, Pattern #19 is the most commonly purchased. A 6” repeating diamond design, it’s a great look for a contemporary backsplash. d

Custom Patterns

For commercial projects and homeowners, we can make custom molds if you’re looking for something specific. We are in the process of replicating a mold for a church in Canada. It is a pattern similar to #9 in that it creates different shapes when it comes together. We have also done historical replications for patterns that are not on our website. For Palmetto Carnegie Library in Palmetto Florida, we copied a panel from their 1914 architectural design. Due to water damage, a large section was destroyed and we remolded it for the Historic Preservation Society. Carnegie, the richest American at that time, gave over $56 million dollars to American public libraries to help complete the renovation. Have a project you’re thinking about? Let’s talk!


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