Cancellation Policy

American Tin Ceilings allows cancellation of all unfinished product orders up to the point of shipment. Once the unfinished product is shipped, our Return Policy would apply. All standard color product orders are cancellable up to the point of production (powder coating). Once the standard color product is in production, the order can still be cancelled however a 25% restocking fee would apply. Once the standard color product order has shipped, our Return Policy would apply. We do not allow Premium and Artisan colors product orders to be cancelled once the Premium and Artisan colors product is in production (powder coating). Premium and Artisan colors product is also a nonreturnable product. To insure you will be happy with the Premium and Artisan colors, we recommend you order a sample of the color before placing your product order. Premium and Artisan colors are marked as such on our website.

If you need to make a cancellation request, please contact us immediately at 888-231-7500 Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm EST. Please understand due to the high volume of emails received, requests sent via email may not be handled in time for your order to be cancelled. We strongly suggest that you call and speak to one of our representatives.

Orders over $2,000 require a confirmation signature. An invoice containing the terms, conditions and cancellation policy will be emailed. Before these orders can be placed into production, we must receive the confirmation signature.

Return Policy

American Tin Ceilings allows returns on certain products up to seven days after delivery. Note if the product has not shipped, the cancellation policy would apply. Unfinished and standard color product is returnable however a 25% restocking fee applies as well as the customer is responsible for return shipping costs. The product must return in new sellable condition and the customer must receive authorization within seven days of delivery. Premium and Artisan colors product is not returnable due to the nature of color variance found in each production run of Premium and Artisan colors.

Standard Colors

Unfinished, Bright White Satin, Creamy White Satin, Stainless Steel Gloss, Brushed Satin Nickel and Bright White Satin

Premium Colors

Ivory, Creamy White Granite, Pewter Antique Silver Gloss, Antique Brushed Nickel, Silver Granite Satin, Black Satin Textured, Copper Penny, Satin Copper, Rustic Copper, Antique Rustic Copper, Custom Antique Copper, Royal Gold, Metallic Gold, 24K Gold, Burnt Rust, Copper Texture, Old Bronze, Speckled Oak, Gray Granite, Red Granite, Creamy White Granite, Copper Granite, Silver Granite, Desert Sand, Bisque, Black Lacquer Gloss, Black Matte, Roman Bronze, Vintage Bronze, Bronze Gloss, Carmine Red

Artisan Colors

Copper Burnt Umber, Copper Tuscan Bronze, Copper Patina, Copper Brushed Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Gold Burnt Umber, Gold Brushed Bronze, Gold Tuscan Bronze, Silver Burnt Umber, Silver Tuscan Bronze, Silver Brushed Bronze, Silver Washed Pewter, Silver Washed White, Gold Washed White, Gold Patina, Copper Washed White, Oil Rubbed Gold, Oil Rubbed Silver, Bordeaux, Soho, Silver Patina, Espresso Washed White