Acoustic Information

Our acoustic Drop-In & Nail-Up tin tiles offer superior acoustical performance by significantly reducing room echo and reducing noise up to 85% when used in conjunction with an acoustical pad.

  • Improves sound quality by reducing room echo.
  • Acoustic Drop-In fits all standard 2' x 2' ceiling grid systems (15/16" wide T-bar grid systems).
  • Available for Nail-Up and Drop-In installations.

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Unfinished: Starts at $14/tile

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*All colors (except Unfinished) are sealed, finished products with a coat to protect from rust. We recommend that unfinished panels be finished to prevent oxidation. They can be painted or clear coated.

All Acoustic Tile Colors & Patterns


Starts at $14/tile

Like it? Shop by color Order 6" Color Samples

Product Information

Pattern #1

Four beveled squares create a modern geometric print.

Pattern #2

The most popular design with arching diamonds.

Pattern #3

The 6 in. version of our #2 Victorian pattern, favored for backsplashes.

Pattern #5

Gothic floral design heavily embossed into a beveled square.

Pattern #6

Large concentric square inset with a hammered metal border.

Pattern #8

Mirrored oak leaf pattern that produces tiling circles.

Pattern #12

Beveled clover and thorns filled with a hammered texture.

Pattern #14

Ornate Victorian design with a decorative pearl border.

Pattern #16

Decorative crest of trefoils with a hammered border.

Pattern #17

Repeating pattern of whimsical circles, laurel leaves and dots.

Pattern #18

Modular diamond design, favored for commercial spaces.

Pattern #19

The 6 in. version of #18 with repeating diamonds.

Pattern #20

Checkered pattern of geometric squares.

Pattern #21

Opulent repeating embossments of the iconic Fleur-de-lis.

Pattern #23

Large centerpiece surrounded by four diamonds filled with sunflowers.

Pattern #24

Encircled in a medallion are four flowers in the shape of eyes.

Pattern #25

One large flower bordered by crisscrosses and organic fleur-de-lis.

Pattern #27

Charming floral design with a Parisian Art Deco influence.

Pattern #30

Subtle arched borders surrounding delicate flowers.

Pattern #31

Contemporary design with a hammered fill.

Pattern #32

Gaudy geometric print with distinct 1920s flair.

Pattern #35

The 6 in. version of Pattern #12 for backsplashes.

Pattern #36

Repeating stars for a true early Americana farmhouse look.

Pattern #37

Gothic border of geometric prominence.

Pattern #38

A more contemporary ceiling and backsplash tile.

Filler Pattern #1

Hammered design embossment.

Filler Pattern #2

Diamond and cross design.


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