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Meet Pattern #3

Our most popular Victorian design

Pattern #3 is a long-standing customer favorite due to its classic Victorian design. With a 6-inch repeat, this pattern is perfect for small spaces and backsplashes.

Interested in a 12-inch repeat? Check out Pattern #2 (below), which is the same pattern in a larger scale.

(Shown: Pattern #3, with 6-inch repeat, in Artisan Gold Washed White)

Made in the USA

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Available in Over 50 Colors

Meet some of our best-selling colors

Antique Brushed Nickel

Satin Brushed Nickel

Artisan Silver Washed White

Bright White Satin

Rustic Copper Translucent

Copper Penny

Copper Brushed Bronze

Creamy White Granite

Meet Pattern #2

The same Victorian design—with a 12-inch repeat.

Pattern #2 is the same Victorian design but with a 12-inch repeat. It features arching diamonds that create tiling floral coins when installed.

Great for all rooms, ceilings, and accent walls.

((Shown: Pattern #2, with 12-inch repeat, in Artisan Gold Washed White))

Made in the USA

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Featured Projects

Commercial and residential projects using Patterns #2 and #3

Pattern #3 in Satin Brushed Nickel

Pattern #3 in Artisan Oil Rubbed Bronze (Dark)

Pattern #3 in Artisan Copper with Tuscan Bronze

Pattern #2 in Artisan Silver Washed White

Pattern #2 in Artisan Silver Washed White

Pattern #2 in Antique Silver Gloss

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Shop Our Most Popular Design

Known for its distinct Victorian feel and versatility

Made in the USA