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Guarding Against Jobsite Money Drains

Did you Know: Unnecessary visits to the jobsite from head contractors and architects are roughly estimated at $200 each in cost? Learn what other “unforseens” can cost your project BIG!


Guarding Against Jobsite Money Drains

“Construction is big business ... and because so much is at stake, those who engage in construction must guard against costly error.” - Hank Kaiser, Federal Publications.

Because of its largeness on all fronts, the renovation professional's time management techniques must yield smooth transitions, not only in labor management, but also in materials procurement and delivery. If materials arrive early, risks of inclement weather and theft arise, along with tying up capital. If materials are late, the delay can generate cost overruns that significantly impact the professional and client. Consequently, an imperative nut and bolt for success is the fulfillment-capability of suppliers. To insure on-time delivery, seasoned professionals select suppliers who maintain ready-to-ship inventory or control the manufacturing process in such a way that they can "turn on the machines" for an order; both best practices in risk management.

Yet, another issue looms for jobsite time management. According to a recent report, the top four causes of time-wasted on the jobsite are: cell phones and texting, gossip, Internet, and social media. In the new age of the smartphone, proper management of technology use is essential for jobsite success as little distractions can add up to heavy losses over the life of a project. Another needless expense that often goes unnoticed are unnecessary visits to the jobsite from head contractors and architects, roughly estimated at $200 each in cost. These visits are usually the result of poor communication, failure to update the master schedule, or inaccuracies in documentation like drawings and revised POs.

In the commercial arena, the final cost of a project can impact the price of products or services the client offers. Large cost overruns may place the client in an uncomfortable position of charging more than the market will bear, hurting the business in the register. Delays in residential projects can be a big blow to homeowners who estimated a budget at the top of what they can afford. Though small cogs in the giant economic wheel, either scenario has an undesirable consequence.

Whatever the outcome, a professional's reputation is on the line for the control of the project's progress as well as the budget, quality of materials, and management of time. Ben Franklin offers this tidbit, a wise morsel in the builder's tool belt: Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.

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