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Tin Trends in the Hospitality Industry

By definition, the hospitality industry is about creating joy for guests and visitors and is largely built on the foundation of catering to leisure or luxury experiences more than meeting basic needs. When you’re paying top dollar for an experience, you expect it to be a memorable and unforgettable. There are many facets of the tourism and travel industry where you can make an impression, good or bad, including airports, hotels, theme parks, cruise ships, casinos, car rental, and more, all of which require the utmost attention to detail in design and customer service. Tin accents are one way to establish a timeless atmosphere, aiding in customer loyalty and setting a mood.

Tin tiles have a variety of uses in the hospitality industry, from functionally to lighten a boat to meet coast guard specified weight regulations to aesthetic purposes. Event spaces like the Hollywood Beach Resort, iconic Las Vegas Casinos and Mimosa Hall, one of the most popular wedding venues in North Texas use tin ceilings to create a visually interesting backdrop without taking away from their purpose. Whether you’re trying to evoke a mood like “country meets classy” or take guests back in time like the iconic Stanley Hotel from the movie, the Shining, it’s hard not to notice a space topped with reflective ceiling tiles. Perfect as both a focal point and a background element, we offer over 1500 color and pattern combinations to finish your space and make your 5th wall a memorable one.

Notable Hospitality Brands with Tin Tiles:

  • Golden Gate Casino (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Stockman’s Casino (Fallon, NV)
  • Austin Marriott Renaissance Hotel (Austin, TX)
  • Hollywood Beach Resort (Hollywood, FL)
  • Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, CO)
  • Monarch- Buffalo International Airport (Buffalo, NY)
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Riverboat Discovery (Fairbanks, AK)
  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • Mimosa Hall (Crowley, TX)

…and many more around the globe.