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Bathroom Ceilings & Wainscoting

A spa getaway in your own home, designer bathrooms are one of the most coveted items on a homebuyer’s checklist, lending itself to the “home is my sanctuary” mentality. Since bathrooms are one of the most personal spaces and one of the rooms you spend the most time in, bathroom design should be a reflection of your taste and somewhere you feel comfortable. They key to good bathroom design is compartmentalization – keeping the shower and bath separate from the vanity, storage and toilet. No longer are bathrooms the utilitarian, sanitary spaces they once were to “do your business, get in and get out.” Today’s bathrooms are truly personal retreats to wash away the day. It should be a place to destress and unwind, with flattering lighting and comfortable heating.

Tin bathrooms are one of the hottest design trends of this decade. From wainscoted walls to ceilings, backsplashes, and furniture inserts, tin tiles look great next to metallic fixtures, large mirrors, behind the vanity, and even on the ceiling above the shower. And that doesn’t just go for the master bath! Half baths can be just as thoughtfully designed with personal touches that make guests feel right at home.

Our tin tiles are unique and will create a dynamic topper for your bathroom. Drop-In, Nail-Up or Snap Lock™ panels can be used, depending on the substrate of your ceiling. Whether you choose a monochromatic theme or mix and match metallic prints, a tin ceiling creates an inviting space for pampering and zen. Tin crown molding or wood trim is the perfect finish to frame a beautiful installation that your guests will surely take notice of.

Looking to really make a statement? Wainscoting and backsplashes look great and add visual interest to small spaces like bathrooms by adding texture to the walls. Washable with just a mild detergent and water, there is no need to worry about longevity because our finished panels are rust-resistant and designed to stand the test of time.