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Bedrooms with Tin Ceilings

Metallic tin ceilings look great in bedrooms because they add just enough pizazz that they’re not overpowering but still add visual interest. The place you rest your head and start and end your day, a quiet night’s sleep, refuge from a hectic day, your favorite TV spot, the bedroom is arguably the most important room of the house and your most personal space. Therefore, it’s design considerations should take top priority because it’s a collection of things you love and your escape.

Start with a theme such as a wallpaper, color or motif and layout the rest of the room around that. Choose pieces that are mood enhancing, colors and textures that are soft, silky and comforting to the touch. Focus on creating a livable space where every piece serves a purpose and is useable. Keep it neat, tidy and edited down because there’s nothing that causes more anxiety than clutter. Focus on adding plenty of storage and good lighting and whether you prefer a hard mattress or pillow top, invest in a great bed that has you waking up feeling refreshed, ready to conquer the day. Choose accents that have meaning to you, are nostalgic or create new memories. Decorative picture frames, vases and candles are great mood setters.

Get creative and use tin tiles as headboards, mirrors, crafts or wall art to add a vintage appeal. For a truly custom look, our hand-painted artisan finishes provide an unmatched richness. Contact one of our design experts today for ideas how to enhance your bedroom with a beautiful tin ceiling.