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Living Room Designs with Tin

Designing a stylish yet functional living room is one of the greatest challenges a homeowner may undertake. Usually the largest and most used space, you want a place that family members feel comfortable to share experiences and spend extended periods of time, from game nights to movie time. It’s where the bonding and memories are created so it’s important to incorporate personal touches into the shared living space.

The first step when creating a beautiful living room is to pick upholstery that is comfortable yet decorative. Go with the Goldilocks method to try sofas so you find one that’s not too hard, not too soft, but just right. It’s a good idea to stick with neutral tones to create a relaxed atmosphere with no harsh lights or bright colors, but don’t forget the oversized throw pillows and small accents because the devil is in the details. The living room is also a place to showcase your treasures and memorabilia, pieces that are meaningful to you – pictures, achievements and collectibles on display for all guests and family members to appreciate and inspire nostalgia.

Since textures are so important, make every surface pleasing to the eye. Tin ceilings are a great way to create a warm living room. Whether you chose our hand painted artisan finishes or a metallic accent, Victorian, floral or geometric patterns create visual interest and encourage hanging out. Ceilings also look taller when the baseboard and crown molding are the same color as the wall so it’s a great way to open up the space. Crown moldings in general are a beautiful way to frame a space and make it a true focal point. As the room that the most people pass through, tin ceilings are a talking point that all your guests will comment on.