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Tin Tile Headboards

The finishing touch to a bedroom and often the focal point of the room, tin headboards are as stylish as they are functional. An easy, DIY craft project you can complete in just 30 minutes, make the place where you rest your head fit for a king. Whether you opt to use all the same tile patterns or mix it up for an eclectic look, a tin headboard is the perfect accessory for a charming, rustic interior. Old doors, windows and other unexpected items all make fantastic wood pieces, which you attach your tiles to - the only limit is your imagination! It’s the perfect luxury look for less.

Step by Step: DIY Tin Tile Headboard

  1. Pick out and order your tiles. You will typically need 4 for a queen-sized bed. 6”, 12” and 24” patterns all look good, it just depends on your style and color preference.

  2. Find and buy a piece of plywood for the backing.

  3. When your tiles arrive, lay everything out on the floor so it’s easily accessible. Find the center of your plywood to use as your starting point.

  4. The panels overlap on the quarter inch nail rail and are attached with construction adhesive and nails. We use brad nails and painted them to match the finish.

  5. Trim the edges of the outside columns with tin snips to accommodate the dimensions of the board.

  6. Apply wood molding with brad nails to finish the edge. After just half an hour, you have a beautiful new headboard!

There are several ways to attach your headboard to the wall. You can use a flush mount hanger, which is a small piece of metal with teeth that fits into a base on the wall, or a headboard hanger, which is more expensive, but sturdier. These come in two long, flat pieces of metal, each with a protruding groove. One is affixed to the wall, and the other to the back of the headboard, which screw into each other.

Voila! The perfect place for reading and relaxing.