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Walls, Wainscoting, Metal Wall Cladding

Wainscoting is fast becoming a popular product for rooms of distinction like dining rooms, dramatic hallways, sophisticated offices, restaurants, and more. Such beautiful decor ideas are limited only by the confines of your imagination. American Tin Ceilings offers creative methods of utilizing our high-end tin panels for framing your space.

Traditional wainscoting included only wood paneling, but has since been expanded to include any type of decorative wall embellishment. Originally used as extra insulation, wainscoting can be traced back to 16th century England where it was applied to lower sections of stone walls to keep the cold, damp air out with wall boards made of Wainscot oak. Historically, wainscoting referred mostly to the bottom half of walls, about 3-5 feet from the floor, but today the definition has been expanded to include entire accent walls, a creative design solution if you have oddly shaped rooms or to hide imperfections.

Wainscoting with tin is a great way to increase your home’s resale value by upgrading interior walls. Tin tiles can also be used for metal cladding an exterior surface. Walls and wainscoting can be installed with Nail-Up Panels (similar to a Backsplash installation) which simply glues to the wall. While any pattern can be used, 12” and 6” repeating patterns are recommended for aesthetic appeal. M1 or M2 flat molding can be used as base rails, chair rails and/or as stiles every 4’ to give an even more a classic look, while G1 corner molding is ideal for outside trim. For a low profile, our J Channel molding is a great way to finish tin edges. Wood baseboards and rails can be also be used and painted to match the color of the tin panels. With finished tin tiles starting at just $7 ($1.75 per square foot), there are very few DIY home projects that are more affordable or more accessible.