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Drop-In Ceiling Tiles

Also called a t-bar ceiling, suspended grid, dropped, or drop out ceiling, a Drop-In ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the main structural ceiling primarily for commercial projects, but also in some residential developments. They are a preferred construction system in modern building projects for their ease of integration with existing infrastructure, cost, sustainability (many use recycled or renewable materials), acoustics, and indoor environmental quality. Additional advantages include their ability to conceal sprinkler systems, ductwork, piping, and other unsightly structural elements.

Drop-In Ceiling Tiles

Our Standard Drop-In Ceiling Tiles fit all standard 2' x 2' grids with a 9/16" or 15/16" suspended grid system. All Drop-In Ceiling tiles, regardless of pattern are 23 3/4" x 23 3/4". Every pattern is available in any color. Metric versions of our Drop-In tiles are also available.

The Edge

Unlike any other manufacturer, our custom-formulated edges have a 18” indention that allow them to sit flush with the grid. A standard grid opening is 23” x 23” so by putting our edge at 22 78”, our tiles fit directly against the bars so you see no gaps or extra spacing.

Drop Ceiling Tile Clips

We have developed proprietary tile clips specifically for suspended / drop ceiling tiles that ensure that each panel fits flush with the grids on all sides. The tile clips clamp down over the t-bar, putting continual pressure on edges of the panel to lock it into place. We recommend that clips be installed for all Drop-In tin ceiling installations.

Painting the Grid

We suggest painting the grid in a complementary color to provide the most professional finish. You may paint the grid with a 2" roller or sprayer. You can use an edge touch-up brush around the perimeter after masking off the walls with tape.

Recessed Lights

To add recessed lighting, simply trace a circle in the tin where the light fixture will sit. Start your hole in the center with a metal drill bit and finish the cut with tin snips or RotoZip. Each light should come with a trim piece that hooks it in place. These can be painted to match your ceiling.

Acoustical Tin Ceiling Panels

We offer extra microperforated versions of our popular Standard and Metric Drop-In panels. These performance panels can reduce noise up to 85% when used in conjunction with acoustical pads.