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Types of Molding

If you want to add the elegant, finished look of molding to your tin ceiling, American Tin Ceilings has you covered. Offering a large selection of color matched finishes in a variety styles, all our molding is sold in 4 foot sections:

  • All molding is made out of the same original .010 tin plated steel as our tin panels
  • We offer 6 types of crown molding, 3 flat moldings and one girder nose molding as well as Edge Trim molding to finish backsplashes and wall applications
  • All moldings are available in all colors
  • Pre-cut miters and copes are available at no extra charge

Flat Molding

Flat molding is a decorative tin trim that is generally used to border or divide tin ceiling panels. The most common use of flat molding is as a transition piece where an embossed panel and a filler panel meet. Flat molding ranges in width from 3 12” to 4 12”.

Crown Molding

A dramatic frame for your finished ceiling installation, crown or cornice molding is designed to gracefully flare out to a finished edge where the ceiling meets the wall. When selecting the style and size of your molding, it’s important to consider your room size, as large crown molding in a small room may look out of scale. We offer depths that range from 1 12” inches to 6 14”.

Girder Nose Molding

Used for 90 degree corners on bars, down stairs or a ceiling that transitions into a vault, Girder Nose Molding is an attractive trim element.

Edge Trim

The perfect trim for a backsplash or wall application, our ultra-thin Edge Trim molding is designed to snap on and cover the edge of the exterior Nail-Up panel, slipping right into the 14” channel.

Avoid Gaps

Molding installed over larger patterns including 24" versions can cause unwanted spacing. Consider filler panels to assist with the transition between large patterns and the edge of your ceiling. Learn what Filler is and how it's used.

End Cap

To the right is an example of ending a false corner. This is easily achieved with leftover materials.

Inside Corner Trim

Inside Corner Trim is used for backsplash and wall installations. The edge of the tin panel slips into the 14” channel creating a smooth, rounded surface.

Note: Inside Corner Trim should be purchased in the exact color as your tin tiles. Sold in four foot lengths.