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Installing Crown Molding

Coped Molding - For Inside Corners

When installing corner cut molding, the cut end overlaps an uncut piece when two four foot sections adjoin at the corner of a room. One cut piece is needed for each corner.

Miters For Outside Corners

When installing corner cut molding, you must cut the four foot section in half and join the cut ends together to form an outside corner.

Crown Molding - Compound Corners

Cornice molding is installed where the ceiling meets the wall. With just a few tools, you’ll be able to install your crown molding. You’ll want to fasten the 4 ft. long cornice moldings with decorative cone head nails or a 18 gauge brad nail. Be sure to leave enough solid wood so the nail will hold securely. Drive the nails through the buttons in the cornice to ensure a professional looking installation. Continue installing, overlapping the end pieces.

Once you reach an inside corner, run one square cornice piece into the corner. Then take one of the pre-cut coped pieces to fit into the adjacent wall. You may have to make a few minor trims to get the perfect angle. Fitting cornice moldings to an outside corner is the toughest part of an installation since most aren’t perfect 90 degree angles. Again, we can save you time and stress by pre-cutting these pieces for you. To determine what angle you need, use a sliding bevel square, to measure the angle of the square.

Factory Cut Crown Molding for Inside and Outside Corner Miters

If you have ever attempted to cut miters in tin molding, you know first hand that it can be a nightmare. Some installers will waste several pieces of expensive crown molding before they successfully achieve an acceptable miter. Others are forced to settle for a less decorative wood crown because it's easier. In order to ease frustrations, we have developed a pre-cut mitered crown. A corner that takes installers on average an hour to put up, now only takes a few minutes. And since you don't have to miter it yourself, there is no risk of wasted material or bad cuts.

Our outside corner is a standard piece of crown molding with factory outside miter cuts at both ends. Merely cut the molding in half to produce left and right pieces of factory mitered crown molding. Reverse the two pieces so the mitered ends are facing each other, then install them on the outside corner of the wall. Voila! Crown molding made easy.