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How to Measure for Your Tin Project

Measure for a Tin Ceiling

Before you can determine how many tin tiles you will need for a project, you will need to measure the ceiling. For any room, a simple length and width measurement are the only dimensions required. We recommend taking all measurements in feet (for Nail-Up and Drop-In rounding up to the nearest whole number, and for Snap Lock™ rounding up to the next even number) because feet and inches is difficult to convert into total area. An example would be Multiply the width times the length in feet and then divide that by 4, which will give you the total number of tiles required. If the room has an irregular layout, measure as above, and then calculate any additional areas separately before adding them to the total square feet. Add about 5% to tile total for mistake assurance.

Download Room Planner Worksheet (.pdf)

Measure for a Tin Backsplash

When measuring for a backsplash or wainscoting, calculate the total liner area (how long it is). We will also need to know if there are any areas taller than 24”, such as behind a cooktop. We are happy to advise and provide design recommendations.

We always recommend ordering 1-2 extra tiles to allow for any mistakes during installation. Since our colors are finished in batches with slight variations, you’ll want to ensure the extra panels are a perfect color match.

Download Backsplash Planner Worksheet (.pdf)

We are committed to assisting you with your tin panel order. Our Design Center staff is happy to answer questions, assist with product specification and quotes. Please feel free contact us via email or call us at (M-F, 8am-9pm EST).