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American Tin Ceilings

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A tin ceiling without molding is like a picture without a frame. Shop our matching accessories like nails, switch plate covers and filler to perfectly finish a beautiful installation.


A flat, hammered tin panel, filler can be used as a perimeter piece to match any of our embossed tiles where a whole tile will not fit or for irregularly shaped rooms. The only filler in the industry to have a nail rail, the transition is virtually seamless.


Our tin molding is the perfect embellishment for your new ceiling. Available in all colors and a variety of styles, choose from crown, flat, girder, and j channel to create a look that you love.

Installation Tools/Finishing Products  - Tin Snips, Guillotine Cutter, Spray Paint, Touchup Paint

From professional-grade guillotine cutters that provide "factory edge" cuts to matching touch-up paint, we offer a selection of products to make installations even easier and come out better than ever.

Accessories by Installation Type:

Backsplash– Switch Plates, Brad Nails, Cone Head Nails

For a truly professional finish, we offer eleven different switch plate covers along with colored nails to perfectly match your new backsplash.

Drop-in– Cross Tees, Clips

Used to convert a 2' x 4' grid into a 2' x 2' grid, a cross tee is a way to adapt your standard ceiling grid to fit our tiles. Clips are included free with any drop-in order to keep the panels locked flush against the grid.

Nail-up – Cone Head Nails, Brad Nails, Touchup Paint

Save a trip to the hardware store by purchasing your nails directly from us. Brad nails are available in stainless steel in a variety of lengths, while cone head nails can be purchased in steel, white, or copper and further concealed with touch-up paint.