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Molding installed over larger patterns including 24" versions can cause unwanted spacing. Filler tiles act as a perimeter panel to avoid cutting large patterns and provide a level area to install molding onto for any of our installations. Filler can also used for areas of a Drop-In ceiling that contains areas less then 24" x 24". The filler contains minimal embossment and fits nicely inside the grid. Filler is sold in 24" x 24" pieces and is made of the same .010 gauge tin plated steel as our ceiling tiles.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Installation – Filler is used for rooms with a complex perimeter, patterns with a deep profile depth that do not accommodate cropping or layouts specifying filler. Our filler is the only in the industry to have a nail rail, making the transition from one panel to another virtually seamless.
  2. Patterns – Instead of a design embossment, filler panels have a flat, hammered texture, which makes it ideal for perimeters.
  3. Color – Filler is available in any color-matched finish.
  4. Accessories - Flat molding is commonly used to transition between filler and ceiling panels.