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Our new Extra Microperformated Drop-In tin tiles offer superior acoustical performance by significantly reducing room echo. Because the perforations are so small (holes are only .028"), they do not detract from the aesthetic appeal of the tile designs and can reduce noise up to 85% when used in conjunction with an acoustical pad.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Installation – You’ll need to have a ceiling grid installed prior to adding your tin tiles. Our Drop-In Tiles fit all standard 2'x2' grids with a 15/16" suspended grid system.
  2. Patterns – We have 35+ styles from Victorian to modern in 6", 12" and 24" patterns. All tiles are 24" x 24".
  3. Colors – After you’ve selected a design, you can view various colors by family to find the perfect combination. All our patterns are available in 50+ high quality powder coated finishes, or you can purchase them unfinished to paint yourself.
  4. Add your Accessories – We sell Drop-In clips to secure your tiles in place and cross tees, which can easily convert a 2' x 4' grid into a 2' x 2' grid that can be painted to match your finish.

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