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Drop ceilings are a highly desirable structural element for their cost, sustainability, and indoor environmental quality. Our Drop-In Tiles are unique to any other on the market in that they are manufactured with The Edge, a design adaptation we've made to allow them to sit perfectly flush in the grid leaving no room for unsightly gaping or spaces.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Installation – You’ll need to have a ceiling grid installed prior to adding our tin tiles. Our Drop-In Tiles fit all standard 2'x2' grids with a 15/16" suspended grid system.
  2. Patterns – We have 35+ styles from Victorian to modern in 6", 12" and 24" patterns. All tiles are 24" x 24" and available as standard Drop-In tiles or Acoustical Drop-In tiles, which are extra microperforated and offer superior sound quality.
  3. Colors – After you’ve selected a design, you can view various colors by family to find the perfect combination. All our patterns are available in 50+ high quality powder coated finishes, or you can purchase them unfinished to paint yourself.
  4. Add your Accessories – We sell Drop-In clips to secure your tiles in place and cross tees, which can easily convert a 2' x 4' grid into a 2' x 2' grid that can be painted to match your finish.

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