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The original tin installation that's remained unchanged for 130+ years, Nail-Up tiles come with a 1/4" nail rail that overlaps for tight seams.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Installation – Before you can install your tin tiles, you'll need to install a wood substrate. 3/8" plywood is the most common, but a 7/16" OSB or a furring strip grid spaced 24" on the center can also be used. The grid must run in both directions to support nailing every six inches on all four sides.
  2. Patterns – We have 35+ styles from Victorian to modern in 6", 12" and 24" patterns. All tiles measure 24" x 24".
  3. Colors – After you've selected a design, you can view various colors by family to find the perfect combination. All our patterns are available in 50+ high quality powder coated finishes, or you can purchase them unfinished to paint yourself.
  4. Add your Accessories – Save a trip to the hardware store! We sell 18" brad nails in standard silver or cone head nails in stainless steel, white or copper plated. Nail heads can be concealed with touch up paint purchased from our online store. White tiles will also need to have their edges caulked or they will show.

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