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Our authentic tin-plated steel tiles use some of the same patterns that dominated early 1900s home décor. Today, these tiles provide a dramatic, embossed finish to any room of the house. With an expanded range of colors and finishes, they enhance styles from traditional to modern. Our tin ceilings are easy to install on any building material.


Nail-Up: For use on wood substrate
  • Requires plywood, furing strips or joists
  • Original installation method that's remained unchanged for 150 years
  • Each panel contains a 1/4" nail rail that overlaps tight seams

Nail-Up Installation Video

Nail Up Tin Ceiling


How to Shop:

  1. Select Your Installation Type‐DONE – We offer 3 different kinds of tiles (Nail-Up, Snap LockTM and Drop-In). Which one you need depends on the ceiling substrate you'll be installing on. 
  2. Choose a Pattern – Peruse the 35+ pattern options to find the aesthetic that best suits you. All tiles are 24” x 24” regardless of design and all patterns are available in all installation types.
  3. Pick a Color – After you’ve selected a pattern, you can view various color families to create the perfect combination. All patterns are available in 50+ premium powder coated finishes, or you can purchase them unfinished and paint yourself.
  4. Add your Accessories – Finish the look with elegant crown molding and filler and shop for matching touch-up paint and tools.

Choose Your Pattern:

Nail-Up Patterns