Case Studies with Tin Tile Installations

Through various case studies, anecdotes and unique examples we aim show you interesting tin tile installations in both commercial and residential spaces to get the ideas and inspiration flowing. Originally popularized at the turn of the century, tin ceiling tiles and accents are experiencing a huge resurgence today. Equally successful in spaces creating a current, modern look as those channeling a historic ambiance, tin tiles are as versatile as they are unique. A number of aesthetics can be created in a variety of room styles with hundreds of combinations of patterns and colors. From traditional, rustic to transitional or contemporary, the only limit on what you can do with them is your own imagination. Whether you’re a homeowner, architect, interior designer, or commercial builder, we’re here to ensure your project is a success and help make your vision a reality.


Ceilings and backsplashes are what we're known for, but the more interesting applications combine tin tiles with a variety of other materials in a number of creative installations. From bathroom accents to exterior facades, furniture, fixtures, and everything in between, tin tiles can be used to add visual interest anywhere in your house. Whether you're purchasing a new property or revamping an existing room, reimagining your space on your own or entrusting a reputable design company, our residential case studies are a great place to come for inspiration.

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From retail, food service, and bars to cruise ships and major hospitality industry players, tin tiles are being used in some truly unique spaces. Retail and commercial locations around the world are using tin ceiling tiles to create one of a kind, sensory brand experiences that leave a lasting impression on consumers. You'll find them everywhere from the mom and pop shop down the street to iconic brands across the globe. The next time you're in a bar or dining out - look up - you may just find us where you least expect it.

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