About Us

American Tin Ceilings manufactures and ships designer tin ceiling tiles from our production center in Bradenton, Florida all around the world. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality tin-plated steel tiles in the industry.

Dedicated to Outstanding Design & Service

Our expert designers are ready to assist in pattern selection, layout, and product installation for ceilings, walls, accents, and backsplashes. Whether for residential and commercial applications, we're standing by to help.

Design and drawing services are available at no cost and installation questions are always welcome.

With high quality finishes, diverse patterns, competitive pricing, design support, and personalized service, it's easy to see why American Tin Ceilings is the preferred manufacturer of tin ceiling tiles across the U.S., Canada, and the world.

Our customer service team is standing by from 8am-5pm EST M-F, by phone, live chat, or email. For a free design consultation, call toll free: 877-714-7922.

Maintaining a Historic Tradition of Excellence

Over a hundred years ago, the embossed metal panel was introduced to the United States. It was an alternative to the expensive artisan plasterwork brought over by Venetian artisans.

Factory manufacturing allowed metal panels to be produced in a way that was affordable yet still presented an elegant finish for Victorian homes, restaurants, and hotels.

The same quality product exists today so anyone can own a beautiful, authentic tin ceiling. American Tin Ceilings uses only the original .010 gauge tin-plated steel representative of turn-of-the-century tin ceilings—never aluminum, plastic or styrofoam imitations.

Evolving with Contemporary Standards

The resurgence of tin tile in the 20th century brought new technologies to this traditional product, allowing today’s homeowner the ability to achieve the luxury look for less.

Our high-quality powder-coated finishes were custom formulated by industry leaders like Dupont and TCI. And because the product is powder coated, it’s perfect for high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as coastal climates.

Three different types of tile are available including American Tin Ceilings' proprietary Snap Lock™ tin panels. Anyone can install a breathtaking tin ceiling in as little as a few hours.