Our Tin vs Theirs


American Tin Ceilings offers tin tiles that have a bright tin coating over black plate recycled steel. This allows our tin tiles to be clear coated and bright in color. Our tin plated steel may cost more, as we use real tin for the coating. This allows us to stock a large inventory as the tin coating protects the black plate from rusting.


Our leading competitors sell base metal that does not contain a tin coating. Black plate has a natural gray hue, where their clear coat shows up as gray and dull in color. Without their coating the steel in tin, it results in the metal rusting in humid environments.


Rather than using Steel as the base metal, some of our competitors use Aluminum. It is lighter in weight, but also softer in material composition and does not provide a crisp pattern, such as Steel does. Aluminum also oxidizes and must be cleaned with acetone prior to painting or powder coating. Aluminum is more expensive and sells for more than tin-plated steel.