Tin Tile Manufacturing

We Are the Largest Manufacturer and Direct Shipper of Tin Ceiling Tiles in the World From receiving the metal to stamping the designs, powder coating the finishes and shipping the tiles directly to your door, we pride ourselves on offering 100% American-made products from our Bradenton, Florida location. As one of the only on-shore tin ceiling manufacturers and suppliers, you may be wondering how we can offer the lowest prices in the world for finished tiles without sacrificing quality materials or US jobs.

We’ll break down the process for you:

American Tin Ceilings Purchases Large Coils Stock from US Steel Suppliers Based in the USA, our material manufacturers develop a wide range of steel products for the automotive, appliance, container, industrial machinery, construction, and oil and gas industries. We have developed a great relationship with our suppliers over the years so we are able to negotiate the lowest cost of raw materials and ensure availability to meet demand. Our panels are made with T1 grade tin-plated steel that is made from 25% recycled steel, with a 100% virgin coating.

Tin is Stamped and Embossed From our stamping presses, we emboss all 35+ patterns and are continually developing new designs. If you purchase unfinished tiles, they’re now ready to ship. We stock over 100,000 unfinished panels in our warehouse so almost everything is ready to go as soon as you place an order.

Add Some Color Powder coating is a formula made of polyester resin, pigment and occasionally pulverized metal, which are electrostatically charged with opposing currents and sprayed onto the panels. This electricity ensures the product surface is evenly coated with long lasting adhesive, which is better for the environment and safer than regular paint because they emit no harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We develop all of our own custom formulated colors and antiquing methods from industry leaders like Dupont and TCI that you won’t find from any other manufacturer.

To finish the tiles, the panels are run through an automatic powder booth where spray guns are used to coat the panels with powder. Once the color sets, they are put into a 400-450 degree oven to melt the pigments and gel them to the tiles. This process ensures the highest quality, most authentic and long lasting finishes in the industry.

Shipping Direct to Your Door Orders are shipped by a variety of carriers depending on your location, and the size of the order. We ship internationally and offer the industry’s best prices, often over 50% off standard freight rates through large volume deals negotiated with recognized carriers.