Tin Tile Specifications and Spec Sheets


All of our products are manufactured from a T1 grade tin-plated steel. They are made from 25% recycled steel, with a 100% virgin coating. This is generally referred to as “bright tinplate.” The material thickness is 0.010”. All our panels are 24” x 24”, regardless of pattern or color and all moldings are sold in 4’ lengths. All of our finishes are powder-coated. Powder coating is an electrostatic process where polyester resin is baked onto the panels at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Our artisan finishes are hand applied over a powder coated base color. All of our products carry an ASTM E 84-03b fire rating (Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials). If you have any questions, call the design center at 888.231.7500.


  1. Pattern number
  2. Tile type (Nail-Up/Backsplash, Drop-In, Snap Lock, Acoustical Nail-Up, Acoustical Drop-In)
    1. The Snap Lock panel type is our proprietary interlocking flange system designed to attach directly to existing drywall, popcorn or plaster ceilings with #6 drywall screws (intended for ceiling installations only). The screws are not visible.
    2. The Nail-Up panel has a 1/4" overlapping seam and is designed to be nailed to a wood substrate (plywood, furring strips, joists). We recommend 18 gauge brad nails for installation. The nails are visible, but can be concealed with touch-up paint.
    3. Drop-In panels are made to fit a standard 24" x 24" suspended ceiling grid system with 15/16" bar widths. Our Drop-In panels have a 1/8" embossed edge that helps it nest into the grid opening. If you have a 24" x 48" grid, we offer T-bar pieces to easily convert it into a 24" x 24" grid.
  3. Color
  4. Optional materials (molding, accessories, installation items)

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