Backsplash FAQs

What is the size of the backsplash tin tiles?

All Panels are 2' x 2'. We do recommend that you use a 6" repeating pattern, so that when you cut the panels, they are visually forgiving. Larger patterns seem to overwhelm the small area.

Can you install backsplash tin tile over existing ceramic tile?

Yes, you would install using a strong construction adhesive, or a ceramic tile adhesive. You may want to rough the surface slightly for better adhesion.

How do tin tiles go together on the wall?

Our panels have a 1/4" overlapping nail rail, that overlap during installation, allowing for a transition from one panel to the next.

Do I need edge trim or corner molding for a tin tile backsplash?

The edge trim is a nice finishing touch for the panels, especially where you end with a cut piece. For corner molding, it makes for a smooth transition in 90 degree inside corners. Typically where the panels meet the counter top, you will not need edge trim.

Is tin tile backsplash self-adhesive?

No, you will need to use a construction adhesive purchased separately.

Do you have 18" x 24" tin backsplash tile?

No, all of the panels would be 24" x 24". This will also allow you to use behind larger areas such as your cooktop. In areas less than 24", you can easily cut the panels to fit.

Should you install tin tile backsplash before or after cabinets are installed?

You can install them before the cabinets, although the most common installation is after you have cabinets and counters installed.