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4 Wall Treatment Trends for 2023

When it comes to our walls, we often see them as a basic backdrop that exists to support the rest of a space’s interior design scheme. We give a lot more attention to what we add to enhance our walls (such as shelves, picture frames, artwork, or mirrors) rather than focusing on the wall itself.

Beyond the standard coat of paint that’s covering your wall, which is usually the same boring sheen for several, if not all, of the rooms in your house, you may not think twice about turning your wall into a statement of its own. But design pros everywhere are opening homeowners’ eyes to the potential of walls to transform a space with a number of innovative wall covering trends.

That’s right – simply adding a covering to your wall, whether this be in the form of wallpaper, paneling, or drapery, can revolutionize a bland room and give it real personality. If you’re looking for wall treatments that go beyond the obvious, here are 4 of the most inventive wall covering trends that will define 2023.

 A wall sculpture with black beads arranged in a pile like bubbles.

1. Sculptural wall coverings 

Hanging artwork is the go-to wall treatment for most homeowners, as it’s easy to do yourself and can be changed to reflect whatever mode or style strikes you. To take things to the next level, however, you can make your entire wall a work of art in its own right with a sculptural wall covering. 

More of an art installation than anything, sculptural wall coverings transform a wall into a 3D statement piece. This type of treatment adds a layer of whimsy, intrigue, and liveliness to a space that’s completely unique and will definitely spark conversation. 

Sculptural wall coverings can take many forms, from interlocking blocks to a scattering of abstract metal circles. You can also choose something more fun and creative that represents you, such as an installation of vintage instruments or a flock of 3D wooden birds. The key is to make it interesting and choose a pattern or design that pops right off the wall!

 Fireplace with tin tile on the wall surrounding it.

2. Tin tile statement walls

One of the biggest trends for wall coverings is creating a statement wall, which is essentially a wall that stands out among all of the rest in a single room. But why not get super creative with your statement wall and incorporate texture to its design in the form of tin tiles? 

Tin tiles are an undeniably beautiful and classic way to update a wall, and they can be added to all types of walls – including the backsplash in your kitchen, the surround of your fireplace, or even an entire ceiling. With countless colors and patterns to choose from, you can make your statement wall reflect an antique or vintage look, a modern or contemporary vibe, or a rustic and country feel. 

No matter which tin tiles you choose to install, doing so will give your wall an immediately eye-catching design that will become the most important feature in a room.


Living room with vertical wood wall paneling with a white couch and blue rug.

3. Super mod wood paneling 

Before you roll your eyes, we’re not suggesting you bring back those dark, 1970’s-style wood panels that everyone wanted to whitewash in the 1990’s. We’re talking about light-colored wood paneling that is super mod in its design and can be arranged in many different configurations.

For example, wood panels that reflect a geometric shape can be applied to walls or ceilings and will boast high-quality acoustic properties while looking wholly modern. Wood paneling goes particularly well in a space that already embodies a Mid-Century Modern design, or even a Minimalist Modern one. 

If you’re worried about paneling the entirety of a room, you can incorporate wood panels in a set pattern – such as off-set horizontal stripes along the base, or as diagonal stripes as a framing device for artwork. The options here are endless!

 White dining room with white and beige draperies on the walls and windows.

4. Drapery or curtain walls

Last but not least, another wall covering trend that will remain popular this year is long, luxurious draperies or curtains. That’s right – we want you to completely cover your walls with fabric! For bedrooms in particular, this trend will instantly give off a cozy, yet glamorous vibe.

Some design experts will choose to isolate just one wall and cover it with drapery, such as the backdrop of your bed where a headboard would normally go. No matter what you decide, it’s best to choose light-colored, airy fabrics so as not to overwhelm the space. With the right combination, you’ll feel like you are living in a dream, all thanks to your walls!

Looking for other ways to make a real statement with your walls? See what else is on trend for statement walls.


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