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6 Dreamy Drop Ceiling Designs

All homeowners can agree on certain design faux pas that instantly make a room look cheap and unsightly. Along with bad lighting and artwork hung at the wrong height, drop ceilings are considered by many to be a major eyesore.

Generally, drop ceilings are most frequently seen in basements, as they are an easy solution for hiding things like electrical wiring, duct work, and piping from view.

The grid-like pattern and uniformity of drop ceilings are two elements that can make them appear visually repetitive and aesthetically unappealing. Fortunately, living with drop ceilings doesn’t have to be a total blunder. With a little creativity, you can dress up your drop ceilings and turn them into a beautiful focal point.

Here are our top 6 ways to revamp your drop ceilings so they boost the overall aesthetic value of your room or basement.


Basement office with large table, glass front cabinets, and white tin tile ceiling.

1. Install drop-in ceiling tin tiles

If you want to give your ceiling a real face lift, consider installing tin tiles. Not only are tin tiles full of character and charm, but they will instantly transform your ceiling into an undeniable statement piece.

With many available patterns and finishes to choose from, you can match your tin tiles with virtually any interior style – from hammered designs for more contemporary spaces, to whimsical patterns for traditional flair.

Need more inspiration? Check out how these NYC designers used tin tiles to bring light and brightness to a speakeasy-style basement.


Basement game room with pool table and red tin tile ceiling.

2. Paint the ceiling a bold color

Perhaps the simplest way to DIY a drop ceiling is to paint the ceiling tiles a bold and vivacious color. Make sure to use paint that’s specifically designed for this purpose, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t run into any quality issues.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a paint color that’s truly unique! You can choose a color that compliments the existing decor, or opt for a bold color (like navy blue or forest green) to create a sense of drama.


Ceiling finished with tin crown moldings with ornate pattern and gold color.

3. Add decorative moldings to the ceiling perimeter

Another way to spruce up a drop ceiling is to enhance its visual appeal with decorative moldings around the perimeter. Crown moldings, chair rails, and trim pieces can give any ceiling a more finished and elegant appearance.

In a basement in particular, decorative moldings will be an unexpected surprise that will immediately level-up the space. The goal here is to choose moldings that match the existing style of the room.


Close up of white ceiling medallions in a circular shape with floral patterns.

4. Install ceiling medallions

Ceiling medallions can add a touch of elegance and refinement to a ceiling, especially in a basement that’s lacking character. These decorative circular or oval features can be mounted around light fixtures or in the center of the ceiling. As you weigh your options, make sure the medallions match the size of your space; you don’t want them to take over the ceiling entirely, but rather, they should be a subtle yet strategic detail that showcases your good taste.


Coffered ceiling with concentric squares in a wood tone.

5. Create a coffered ceiling effect

If you’ve got the time and budget to really transform your drop ceiling, then installing a coffered effect might be the most architecturally-impressive option – especially if you want to achieve an upscale look. The effect creates recessed panels, or coffers, resulting in a striking, three-dimensional feature.

The word “coffer” literally means “indentation,” and coffered ceilings typically have a decorative grid embedded into them. Creating a coffered ceiling effect in your home may involve adding decorative beams or molding to create the idyllic, grid-like pattern. Thus, you may have to rely on home renovation experts to make this happen, but the final product will definitely be worth it!

6. Focus on the acoustics

Lastly, a final way to dress up drop ceilings is to install acoustic tin tiles. Available in over 50 colors, these tiles are particularly great for spaces with a lot of noisy traffic, such as lobby areas, restaurants, bars, retail shops, and cafes. Still, they can be great for basements, too, as they are highly effective at canceling out excess noise.

Installing acoustic tin tiles is no different than regular tin tiles – they simply have the added appeal of reducing room echo and noise by up to 85%. If your basement is home to regular bouts of band practice, video gaming, sports watching, or movie nights, it’ll benefit you greatly to have acoustic tin tiles overhead to mitigate the sound.

Now that you know all of the available options to transform your drop ceiling, it’s time to get started on creating the ceiling of your dreams.

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