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Art Deco Redux

The early 20th century was the beginning of movies and going to the movie theater. It was just happy coincidence that the golden age of cinema and the height of the Art Deco movement met. It’s because of this that many movie theaters were decorated in the Art Deco style. It is still a popular design for movie theaters today.

It was this same era that inspired Olympic figure skating gold medalist and NBC broadcaster, Tara Lipinski, to create a home theater in the Art Deco style. From the luscious velvet furniture to the dark and gold color scheme, this space marries the best of a time gone by with modern technology for a home theater that is the best of both worlds.

Headshot of Tara Lipinski.

Blending Past & Present

“We love a neutral, cozy, and clean vibe where we’ve mixed in traditional and modern design as well as added in some antiques to make it feel completely unique,” said Lipinski of her home design. Using brass touches throughout the house is how Lipinski achieves this. It adds a bit of historic luxury but also blends nicely into the more modern living lifestyle.

Sconces, HVAC vents and returns, and decorative accents all feature gold-tones throughout the house. Marble with gold hints and warm, clean beige neutral colors serve to enhance this choice in a modern way.

Black tin ceiling and sconces in a home theater room.

The home theater room was one place Lipinski felt she could go all out with the vintage scheme. Black walls with brass sconces on the walls create the mood. Velvet furnishings in a rust color beckon. A vintage style carpet with black background and richly-colored floral pattern brings together the colors in the space.

Custom vent covers by Reggio Register in Sun Gold, a brass color, feature a miniature old-time film camera to enhance the cinema theme. The ceiling features matte black tin tile to cap off the whole look.

Red velvet recliners in black home theater room.

Choices, Choices

Many of American Tin Ceilings’ patterns have Art Deco vibes so it was a bit challenging to narrow down the selection. Lipinski turned to her social media followers to help her make the choice. “The pattern and color picking was harder than I thought since I love all of them,” said Lipinski. “I like when it’s hard to pick—that means I can’t go wrong.” Taking polls on colors and patterns on her social media accounts confirmed that Pattern #1 in a matte black was the way to go.

The concentric squares of Pattern #1 were a clear favorite, and the dark vintage color was the perfect way to continue the art deco theme. “The matte black is understated, which we love and the design makes sure your eye catches all the details and depth of the tin,” said Lipinski. “The tin tile is the first thing everyone sees when they walk into the theater. It gives it so much glamour and sets it apart from our other rooms in the home.”

Close up of tin tile ceiling in home theater room.

Find the perfect tin ceiling tile for your project, be it art deco, vintage Victorian, or clean-modern hygge.

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