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Beautiful Bathrooms with Tin

Notoriously homebuyers have put a huge emphasis on bathrooms and kitchens and are willing to pay more for well-designed spaces. It lends itself to the “home is my sanctuary” mentality, and having many desirable features not only increases your resale value, but also makes you feel more comfortable in the interim, blending practical and pretty.

They key to good bathroom design is compartmentalization – keeping the shower and bath separate from the vanity, storage and toilet, while emphasizing luxurious finishes. No longer are they the utilitarian, sanitary spaces they once were to “do your business, get in and get out.” Today's bathrooms are truly at home spas, personal retreats to wash away the day. It should be a place to feel comfortable, from flattering lighting to heating elements.

Here are some of our favorite bathroom designs with tin, perfect for accents, ceilings, backsplashes, and wainscoting. Washable with just a mild detergent, there is no need to worry about longevity because our finished panels are rust-resistant and built to stand the test of time.

Explore Bathroom Tin

Rustic Charm

With wood sinks and a tin backsplash, this bathroom is as homey and welcoming as it is fashion-forward with natural, earthy tones that create a serene environment to wake up to.

Rustic Bathroom

The Throne Room

Completely over the top, this tin ceiling edged with two kinds of molding and filler is the definition of extravagance, perfect for a master bath that is literally a throne room.

Tin Bathroom

Modern Half Bath

Don't let your half bath get the short end of the stick. Finished with mixed prints and one modern, hanging light bulb, this monochromatic look achieves just the right balance of simple and chic to impress guests.

Half Bath with Tin

Elegant Fixtures

The devil is in the details in this rich bathroom. Various metal fixtures, soft lights and accents create a warm, inviting space perfect for pampering and zen.

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