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Stunning Tin Ceiling Tile for Bathrooms

No matter how large or small the bathroom, there is one trend that stands across the board for all bathroom design: luxury.

The bathroom is the place to create a spa-like vibe where you can your guests can unwind, even if momentarily. Introducing a little luxury comes in many forms. A statement wall or specialty piece of lighting can turn the bathroom from purely functional to a work of art.

Tin tile can be a fantastic material to incorporate into your bathroom design. Not only is it durable, moisture resistant, and fire resistant, but it has loads of aesthetic appeal.

Here are several ways to use tin in a bathroom.

 Gold tin tile on a bathroom ceiling over the bathtub.

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Using tin tile on the bathroom ceiling is an excellent choice. The space is generally smaller and using tin adds immediate luxury without adding more dollar signs to your budget.


Bathroom with double vanity, sconces, and tin tile on the ceiling.


Install tin ceiling tiles to add character and texture to the bathroom ceiling. These tiles come in various patterns and finishes, allowing you to achieve different looks, from vintage to contemporary. Tin tiles are durable and easy to maintain, making them a practical choice for a bathroom ceiling.

You can go simple and do a single pattern across the entire ceiling, or you can create a mock tray, coffered, or cove using different patterns of tin tile and some molding and trim (more on that in a moment).


Bathroom sink with copper tin tile backsplash.

Tin Tile Backsplash

Tin tile is not just for the ceiling. It makes a stunning backsplash too. Consider using tin tiles as a backsplash behind the bathroom sink or vanity area. This can protect the wall from water splashes while adding an interesting design element to the space. Choose a pattern or finish that complements the overall bathroom aesthetic.


Small white bathroom with star pattern tin tile on the backsplash.


Generally a smaller pattern (6 inches) is a good choice for the backsplash as the area you'll cover is fairly small and the larger patterns might get cut off.

Spa-like bathroom with freestanding tub and tin tile wall in the background.

Tin Statement Wall

Cover a section of the bathroom walls with tin panels to create an accent wall. These panels can add visual interest and a unique touch to the space.

As with any statement wall, the idea is to draw attention so don't be afraid to choose a bold pattern or color. If you're not up to a full wall, try a half wall in the wainscoting style. 


Clawfoot tub on a hardwood floor with white wainscot wall in the background.

Tin Wainscoting 

Even in a small bathroom you can use tin tiles as a material for wainscoting. Go half way up the wall or one-third of the way up the wall to keep things in proportion. 

You'll also want to consider trim to finish off the edge of the tin. Or even better, a molding to enhance the luxury.

 Eclectic design bathroom with lots of color and accents, including tin tile ceiling.

Tin Accents & Accessories

Incorporate tin accents or trim around mirrors, windows, or door frames. Adding tin molding or frames can enhance the bathroom's style and tie the design elements together.

A medallion, or set of medallions in tin tile over the bathtub or behind the sink adds a touch of vintage charm and point of interest. Each handmade tin panel is worthy of individual attention so using them like art on the wall is very effective and luxurious. 


Looking straight up at a small bathroom ceiling with tin tile and a fan.

Bathroom Considerations

Tin is an excellent idea for the more functional aspects of the bathroom as well. Tin tiles are resistant to moisture and rust (unfinished tin tiles are not sealed). They are easy to clean and durable. They doesn't require grout or seam fillers. It's also easy to install.

When using tin in the bathroom, it's essential to ensure proper installation and sealing to prevent moisture-related issues. All our tin tiles (except unfinished tiles) are sealed and don't need additional protective sealing.

Also, consider the overall style and theme of your bathroom to integrate tin elements seamlessly into the design. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help preserve the appearance and longevity of tin features in your bathroom.


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