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Bringing Your Bathroom Design into 2024

Though the bathroom is primarily a functional space, it can also be the center of relaxation and great design in your home. No matter the breadth of your remodel, there’s always a way to boost your design into this year with these bathroom trends for 2024.

Here are six for you to consider this year.

Concrete vessel sink with fluted edges.

Textural Detailing: Fluting and Scallops

Fluting, an unexpected detail, introduces texture and visual intrigue, elevating various surfaces. Whether adorning cabinets, walls, furniture, ceilings, or sinks, this dynamic design element is set to grace every room in 2024. It represents an evolution of the prevailing trend favoring curvaceous and organic lines seen in recent years.

Green bathroom inspired by an outdoor space.

Indoor Spaces Inspired by the Outdoors

As sustainable and environmentally conscious design gains traction, designers are veering away from artificial interior settings. Instead, integrating outdoor elements—such as nature-inspired hues and materials—into indoor spaces is becoming increasingly popular.

Rustic bathroom vanities, jute rugs, rattan chairs, wicker baskets, earthy textures, and natural wood floors all serve as excellent choices to harmonize any space with the outdoor environment.

Collage with various blue tones throughout different spaces.

Embracing Blue Hues

Looking ahead to the trendiest colors in 2024, one stands out prominently amidst the dominance of warm tones and beige neutrals: blue. Multiple paint companies have chosen blue as their color of the year, featuring shades like:

C2's "Thermal": A light, airy blue reminiscent of a morning sky. Valspar's "Renew Blue": A soft yet vibrant blue, offering relaxation and revitalization simultaneously. Minwax's "Bay Blue": A turquoise-tinged wood stain that allows the natural wood grain to shine while infusing undeniable color.

Close up of gold tin tile on a ceiling.

Vintage Aesthetic

Vintage is in. This trend has a quality that lends sophistication and charm without feeling dated. A vintage look doesn’t have to be composed of antiques. You can select new items designed after the past that accomplish the look equally as well.

For instance, tin tile was originally a favorite of the Victorians and Flappers and brings instant vintage vibes. Choose from a variety of historic and new patterns in hand-applied colors to easily bring in the vintage aesthetic on the wall or ceiling.

Shop Vintage-Look Tin Tile


White bathroom with warm wood double vanity.

Warmth in Color, Materials, & Texture

Warmth is a trend that drives color and textile choices in 2024. For colors, steer away from gray in favor of beige and don’t be afraid to go with bolder warm colors like pinks and oranges.

You can also achieve warmth with materials. Wood is the classic warmth-producing material. Warmer-toned stone like limestone or travertine are great choices here too.

Most importantly, add some warmth into your space with textures. A velvet sofa, chunky hand-knit blanket, or feathery-textured throw pillow are visually warm and offer a lot to a space to make it feel cozier.

Bathroom with zero entry shower and swinging glass shower door.

Longevity Features

More people than ever are choosing to stay in their current homes and remodel rather than move somewhere else. That means that it’s important to think about the future before you remodel. The trend is called “age in place” or “universal design” and it’s anything but aged.

The look of a bathroom design with universal design is no different from your favorite influencers or top Pinterest designs. Though these designs have curbless showers, nonslip flooring, and wider doorways, they’re also full of trending colors and patterns.


Get your design up to speed with a few of these on-trend design features today!

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