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Dancing On the Ceiling

How Tin Tile Swank-ified This Bar

Custom remodeler and woodworker, ST Designs in Columbus, Ohio totally transformed this space into a swanky bar that you won’t soon forget.

The luxurious space takes on multiple patterns, textures, and bold colors that anyone else would consider statement making in and of themselves. Somehow all these statement making elements come together in perfect harmony for a space that leaves you breathless—in a good way.

Close up of a tray ceiling with tin tile complete with modern chandelier.

Creating a Tray Effect

Though there are many things to catch your fancy in this space, our favorite is the ceiling over the bar. What was once a flat ceiling was transformed into a tray ceiling giving it a greater depth and partitioning off this part of the room.

ST Design used a series of trims and crown moldings, both wood and pressed tin, to achieve a layered frame for the main attraction, the ceiling. The ceiling itself features American Tin Ceilings Pattern #29 in Artisan Copper with Brushed Bronze.

The frame around the tray combines black painted wood trims and moldings with layers of Artisan Copper with Brushed Bronze in Crown Molding C1 and Crown Molding C3.

Bottle line a shelf with a backdrop of tin tile.

Tin Room Challenge

The Tin Room Challenge tasks participants with the challenge of transforming a single room with American Tin Ceilings’ standout products.

You can create a tray ceiling in the kitchen or convert an office space into a swanky speakeasy. Maybe a backsplash or a feature wall is more your style. We invite you to get creative with your spaces then show us what you came up with.

Let 28 modern and vintage-inspired patterns inspire your plans. Then choose from any of our standard or hand-finished Artisan colors to add depth to your space. Get 10% off your order using the code tin10room

The contest runs from now through January and offers VISA gift cards for the winner and runner ups.

1st Prize: $500 Visa Gift Card
2nd Prize: $250 Visa Gift Card
Follower Favorite: $100 (chosen by social media followers #tinroomchallenge)

Learn More about the Challenge


Bar front with tin tile.

Taking On Texture

Textures, both tactile and visual, are the foundation of this bar. There are very few surfaces in this space that Don’t cry out to be touched or provide visual depth. The ceiling is just the beginning. The backsplash of the bar, the front of the bar, every wall, the floor, the countertop, even the lighting are textural feasts.

It’s a space that will never lack for interest and appeal.

Color Fest

Though color might not be the first thing you think about when you look at this bar space, it is awash with a rainbow in its own right. Black forms the foundation, then copper, silver, gold, and white fill in the rest of the palette.

Though that palette sounds bold, its the individual boldness of the each color that ties it all together. The opposing metallics share a sense of modernized Art Deco that harmonizes them. Wood on the floors and countertops act as a neutralizing material and provide a breath in all that opulence.

Reimagine with Tin Tile

Ready to start your own room renovation? With a little imagination and some tin tiles, you too can transform your spaces. Share your progress with us using #tinroomchallenge on social media.

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