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Designing the Perfect Wedding Venue: Our Collab with The Manor Mansion

For designers, creating an unforgettable wedding venue involves so much more than having the right setting. Of course, the setting will play a foundational part in the design, but the individual details – from the tables and chairs to the lighting – need to be considered most carefully.

This is because each of the individual details will contribute to the overall mood of the venue, and fortunately designers can make a big impact on this by choosing complementary decor, styling, and furnishings.

At American Tin Ceilings, we know how important it is to focus on the finer details, especially when it comes to wedding venues. For a venue to be truly unforgettable, everything from the layout of the dance floor to the tiles on the ceilings is essential to creating the most incredible ambiance.


Bridal room in the Manor wedding venue with White Washed Gold tin ceiling.

One of our favorite wedding venue designs we’ve ever worked on is updating The Manor in West Orange, New Jersey. This sought-after destination venue is a sprawling historic mansion surrounded by 20 acres of beautifully-manicured formal gardens, fountains, and grounds on the edge of the 400-acre Eagle Rock Reservation nature preserve.

Keri Knowles, The Manor’s Design Director, wanted to work with American Tin Ceilings to ensure the mansion’s opulent rooms each had their own unique aesthetic, but with a single thread to harmonize them. That thread ended up being Pattern #7, one of our most beautiful tin tiles that’s circular wreath design draws inspiration from ancient Rome.

So, how did this project take shape? And what other takeaways did we learn from this ambitious wedding venue remodel that can be helpful to designers?

Dining room in the Manor wedding venue with white tin ceiling tile and terra cotta floor.

Creating Harmony: One Pattern, Many Rooms

One of the greatest challenges of any wedding venue design is making sure each of the elements has cohesion. Since The Manor has so many different rooms, it was critical to focus on the main rooms where the wedding party would spend the most time and tie them together with our gorgeous tin tiles.

Adding tin tiles with the same wreath design, but with different yet complementary color finishes, to several rooms in The Manor mansion was the perfect solution for creating this idyllic harmony.

As mentioned, the tile pattern that was chosen was Pattern #7, which features a large circular wreath surrounded by an egg and dart border. The pattern’s embossed wreath design serves as a significant symbol of union—a fitting choice for an environment typically used for weddings. Moreover, the pattern is one of our most popular panels for large rooms due to the pronounced embossment and distinct neoclassical feel.

The decision to install this tile in five of The Manor’s main wedding rooms, including the bridal suite and the banquet room. Each finish was chosen based on factors like natural lighting, aesthetics, and the emotional “feel” Knowles wanted to evoke in guests gathered in each space.

White washed gold tin ceiling tile at the Manor wedding venue.

Top Takeaways for Wedding Venue Design

Knowing how many people would celebrate their wedding days beneath our tin tiles made our collaboration with The Manor one of the most inspiring projects we’ve worked on. In addition to the impact that tin tiles can have on the ambiance of a space, here are other takeaways for venue design that we gathered from the experience.

Decide on a Set Style from the Get-Go

Before anything else, you should determine the wedding style that you’d like your venue to reflect and accommodate. This will help guide your venue design choices. Ask yourself: Which elements have you liked best about other weddings you’ve attended? Armed with this knowledge, you can create a style “mood board” to see how all of your favorite ideas come together prior to any action or purchases taking place.

Focus on the Small Details

Small yet impactful details like tin ceiling tiles can really take a room’s design to the next level. Consider adding features that can easily be personalized to whomever is using the space. Creating a memorable entrance to make a grand first impression on guests is also a great idea.

Consider the Flow of the Space

Designers will want to spend extra time focused on the layout of the venue so that the entire space – from the bar to the dance floor – flows together seamlessly. In most cases, the layout will be centered around the head table.

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