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Dramatic Dining Room Décor Ideas

The dining room is an unusual space. It's dedicated to eating dinner. Even then, usually only formal dinners. You may only use your dining room a couple times a year, or if you make a point of it, weekly.

A few updates can change all that. Dining room décor can transform the space from a formal (and boring) place, to one you can't wait to use.

These 10 dining room décor ideas will add the drama you need to make your dining room the place to be.


Dramatic wallpaper on a wall behind a large dining table.

1. Feature Wall

The feature wall is the perfect way to liven up your dining room. All you have to do is concentrate on one wall to get the desired effect.

You can create a feature wall simply by painting one wall in a different color (the bolder the color the better). You can create a feature wall by adding a distinctive wallpaper. You can make a wall pop by adding an oversized piece of art. Or you can add some texture to a wall that will make it come alive.

Try a tin tile to add texture and pattern to a feature wall. These can also add a distinctive color that sets the tone for the entire design.


Kitchen diner with small round table and banquette seating around one side.

2. Banquette

A banquette is a feature usually reserved for breakfast nooks, but why not add one to your dining room? They add a comfortable and less formal feel to the space but still provide seating at the table. It's a dramatic departure from the usual and will draw attention to your dining room.

You can build a banquette along any wall, but under a window is ideal. A comfortable banquette under a window also tends to double as a cozy reading nook in the sun. Plus, you won't have chair backs blocking the view.


Picnic style dining table with rustic statement lighting overhead.

3. Statement Lighting

Lighting is so important in the dining room. Not only functionally, but in design as well. Start with plenty of ambient lighting but then move your attention to a dramatic piece of lighting over the dining table.

Go classic with a crystal chandelier or set the tone with a linear, modern piece. You can almost consider your dining room statement lighting as an art installation. There are nearly endless possibilities so you can find something that perfectly suits your vibe.


Dramatic dining room with lots of accents from colors to wallpaper and velvet dining chars.

4. Accents

Create lots of drama with the accents in the dining room. These are things that will catch the eye and can create a story but not overwhelm the space.

Upholster the dining chairs in an interesting pattern. Go eclectic and mismatch your dining chairs. Introduce something trendy like acrylic or bring in a bench instead of chairs.

You can also accent your design with throw pillows and flower arrangements. Other décor can easily be traded out as your tastes and seasons shift.


Rustic dining room with fireplace and brick surround.

5. Dining Table

The dining table is the centerpiece of your dining room. The more dramatic the table, the more dramatic the space. Try an unexpected material like concrete or acrylic. Or opt for a different shape.

Round tables can be difficult because, most of the time, dining rooms are rectangular. That shouldn't stop you though. Get the right size table for your room and any shape will work.

6. Floors

If the dining room is an entity unto itself, it stands apart from the open concept and does its own thing. Because of this, you can get creative with the flooring without it being interruptive to the rest of the home's design.

Use a completely different flooring material from the rest of the house. Or use the same flooring but arrange it in a different pattern. Better yet, paint the existing flooring with colors and patterns that work for your design.

If the dining room is one section of an open format, use the rug trick. You can either place a rug under the dining area or paint one or use different flooring just in that area. It has a rug-like effect but allows you to separate the space.


Small dining room with blue walls and tin tile ceiling in copper.

7. Ceiling

The ceiling is an often overlooked space in the dining room. Use it to add some drama to the design.

Paint it a different color, add some architectural elements (like coffered ceiling), or cover with tin ceiling tiles. Each has the benefit of setting the dining room apart with little impact on the functionality of the space.


Large dining room with fireplace on one end, tin tile on the ceiling, and plush chairs.

8. Fireplace

A fireplace isn't just for the living room. The dining room is an excellent place to create some warmth and romantic atmosphere with a fireplace.

No matter what your style, there's a fireplace to match. Fireplaces aren't just for classic or rustic designs. You can add a wall-mounted electric fireplace that adds loads of modern drama. Consider a two sided or peninsula fireplace, if you have the set up for that, to create even more drama.


Array of our top buffet picks. Tip: for a vintage look or classic charm, try sourcing your buffet from estate sales, auctions, thrift shops, or other secondary marketplaces.

9. Buffet

The buffet is a classic piece of dining room furniture that adds both functionality and style. It provides storage and a place for food during your holiday feasts.

Buffets come in many different shapes and sizes—this goes way beyond grandma's antique version. Just about any long flat surface can be a buffet.

A large and unique console table can be a buffet. An elegant acrylic piece can be a buffet. The sky's the limit.


Dramatic dining room with arched entryway.

10. Architectural Elements

An easy way to add drama to the dining room is with architectural elements. An arched entryway, exposed beams on the ceilings, or a built-in banquette all work wonders.

Many architectural features are easy to add and don't cost much if you're up for a simple dining room project. Even adding crown molding can make a big difference in the feel of your space.

Dining rooms by nature are dramatic. You may save your dining room for special occasions, but that's all the more reason to embrace their dramatic nature. Give your dining room the boost it deserves. Try out one of these dining room decor ideas today.

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