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Fall 2023 Color Trends in Interior Design

After the vibrant colors of spring and the pure colors of summer, fall offers a richness and maturity of colors that evoke comfort and solidarity. Bringing the colors of fall into design is a natural inclination and an excellent choice. They stand the test of time and are inviting year-round.

Fall 2023 color trends in interior design embrace cozy, natural colors, bold earthy colors, and deep neutrals. Take a tour of the fall 2023 color trends for interior design with us.


White & Gray

The hottest natural this fall is greige. That's right, this blend of gray and beige is back! Other warm and cozy naturals remain on-trend as well. Soft whites or off-whites with a touch of brown that soften them into cream and ivory are great choices. 

Our latest gray, Smoky Gray Satin, has a softness that fits perfect with this trend. Or you can go for Gunmetal or a matte or whitewashed silver for a warm look and feel.


American Tin Ceilings in Naturals

Creamy White Granite in Pattern #25

Creamy White Granite in Pattern #25


Creamy White Satin in Pattern #1

Creamy White Satin in Pattern #1


Almond in Pattern #10

Almond in Pattern #10


Ivory in Pattern #7

Ivory in Pattern #7


Gun Metal in Pattern #19

Gun Metal in Pattern #19


Panel of tin tile Pattern #36 in Smoky Gray Satin

Smoky Gray Satin in Pattern #36



Fall 2023 color trends remain firmly grounded in the natural. From serene gray-green of sage to stronger pure hued green, shades that feel like an organic part of the outdoors is in for interior design trends. 

Sage or other pale greens can used liberally in everything from paint to wallpaper, rugs, and textiles. If you want to add in more bright pops, use emerald or jungle greens throughout a room (from velvety textures or accent pieces) to induce feelings of comfortable boldness.

American Tin Ceilings in Green

Artisan Gold Patina in Pattern #33

Artisan Gold Patina in Pattern #33


Bold Earth Tones


Blue is the magic color. It can go anywhere and all types of blue work in any space. The blue of the moment this fall is a gray-blue.

A moody steel blue isn't the only blue to love this fall. Warmer blues enhanced by matte finishes and silver or brown influences are also a hot addition on permanent elements (walls, ceilings, floors) or as accents.

American Tin Ceilings in Blue

Artisan Silver Patina in Pattern #30

Artisan Silver Patina in Pattern #30


Artisan Espresso Patina in Pattern #2

Artisan Espresso Patina in Pattern #2



Texture & Color

Texture and color are completely different elements when it comes to interior design. But, texture can have huge sway on how a color impacts a space. 

For instance, velvet has a softening and warming influence on color. It is an especially great choice for giving a space an autumnal feel. On the other hand, canvas or linen has a sensibility of crispness that is more suited to spring or summer vibes. 

Texture is weighing heavily on color choices in the fall of 2023. Extra-large knits or crocheted textiles add a coziness perfect for fall. Touchable textiles like faux fur, velvet, and sheepskin are great for fall too. Of special interest in 2023 is flannel. Add it to the bedroom for a quick touch of fall.

Adding heavyweight drapes and opting for upholstery as much as possible is another way to make any color feel more warm in the latter end of the year.


Whether earthy or bright, orange shades add mod-vintage appeal when paired with other fall 2023 color trends for interior design. Rich and warm, orange colors are excellent featured in patterns or set against complementary colors like the blues and greens mentioned earlier.

When blended with other colors in a pattern, orange can be used in large amounts in the structure of the room (walls, ceiling, floors) in the form of wallpaper, rugs, mosaics, tin tiles, etc. Or use it by itself as a pop of color here and there.

American Tin Ceilings in Orange

Antique Rustic Copper in Pattern #6

Antique Rustic Copper in Pattern #6


Artisan Gold with Burnt Umber in Pattern #5

Artisan Gold with Burnt Umber in Pattern #5


Artisan Copper with Brushed Bronze in Pattern #2

Artisan Copper with Brushed Bronze in Pattern #2



Purple in the fall? Yes, please. This fall you'll still see plenty of pure-hued, bold purple. If that seems a little too bold for your interiors, you'll love the barely-there pastel purples that are making a splash in the paint world. 

Soft tints of pink and purple are light enough to be neutrals spread across large spaces (like on a wall), but have enough color to keep things interesting. 

Artisan Bordeaux tin tile in Pattern #5
Artisan Bordeaux tin tile in Pattern #5


Did you know that we offer custom colors? Submit a RAL or Pantone color code or give us a call to make your order.


Deep Neutrals


Brown is a staple of fall color. Brown is a warm color that's inviting and comfortable. It plays well with other colors and can't be beat for adding richness to your design.

Fall 2023 color trends embrace rich chocolatey hues and earthy brown tones. Depending on how you use brown, it can blend into the background as a neutral or it can make a bold statement.

Think creatively about how you apply brown. All your woods, like cabinets, furniture, and even paneling add the richness of brown. It's also excellent used as a main color in the palette in drapery, upholstery, rugs, even accent walls or ceiling color.

American Tin Ceilings in Brown

Espresso in Pattern #1

Espresso in Pattern #1


Old Bronze in Pattern #2

Old Bronze in Pattern #2


Roman Bronze in Pattern #23

Roman Bronze in Pattern #23

Embrace fall 2023 color trends for your interior design. The warmth and longevity of these colors will make your space inviting in any season for many years to come.

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