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Home Renovation Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Spring

Many people are quick to agree that one of their favorite parts about owning a home is having the chance to truly make it your own, with updates and renovations that reflect your one-of-a-kind personal taste. 

Whether you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, installing beautiful crown molding, or updating your plumbing system, renovations can make a major impact on how you live at home – and on the overall resale value of your home when it comes time to move.  

With 9 out of 10 homeowners looking to improve their property in some way over the next year, and another 65% wanting to turn their current property into their “dream home,” there are certain home renovation trends that are emerging as popular choices this spring.  

With lingering post-pandemic concerns like inflation still on many peoples’ minds, most people won’t be rushing to take on full-scale remodels. Rather, projects that increase functionality and comfort in the home will be big, along with upgrades that improve sustainability. 

So, what will people be updating this spring? Here are 3 home renovation trends that experts predict will be particularly popular in the coming months.


A person installing tin tile on a wall. 

1. Improved energy efficiency 

Finding ways to live “greener” lifestyles is on everyone’s mind, making eco-friendly upgrades a top priority for homeowners in 2023. With the Inflation Reduction Act passing last year, homeowners will have an extra incentive to make energy-efficient home improvements. Beyond the cost savings from these tax incentives, improving a home’s efficiency will also lead to savings on monthly utility bills, offering a much-needed reprieve in times of high inflation. 

Some eco-friendly upgrades that will be popular this spring include adding smart HVAC systems, adopting solar power, adding insulation, and installing energy-efficient appliances or utilities like low-flush toilets. Other upgrades like sustainable windows and low-flow showerheads will also be trending. 


Tin tile backsplash in a copper color with green cabinets and copper sink.

2. Added character in the kitchen 

A second home renovation trend that will be ripe for the spring is kitchen upgrades that create more personality and character. Renovating a kitchen is always a fan favorite, as it’s one of the spaces where we spend the most time. Of course, there are many ways to add character to a kitchen, such as adding light fixtures or changing the hardware on your cabinetry. 

But one of the easiest ways to instantly inject your personality into your kitchen is to update the backsplash. Whether you give it some glamor with shiny tin tiles, or you go rustic with a wooden finish, your backsplash is basically a blank canvas just waiting to be beautified. In fact, tin tiles will be a particularly popular choice this year, as they are easy to work with, non-flammable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Plus, they will make your kitchen look and feel extra unique! 

Large white kitchen with tin tile on the statement wall.

 3. Updated statement walls 

Last but not least, a final trend that is sure to be on everyone’s radar in the coming months is the bold statement wall. Adding a statement wall is a simple and affordable way to express your creativity without making a space seem overwhelming or cluttered. 

What’s especially fun about statement walls is that there is an endless amount of options – from a wall full of shelving, to a colorful mural, to a wall covered in wallpaper or photography. There’s also the option of a tin tile statement wall, which can look highly luxurious as a headboard or as an eye-catching design feature in your bathroom. However you decide to incorporate the new wall, this trend is a perfect way to add a touch of style without going overboard. 

Ready to get crafty and upgrade your home with one of the renovation trends we mentioned? Check out how to make sure your tin tile installation goes as smoothly as possible.


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