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Inspiring Kitchens with Tin Ceiling Tiles

Introduced to America in the early 1900s, tin ceiling tiles have been a must-have for homeowners looking to set their residence apart in an affordable and stylish way.

With brilliant metallic colors like gold, silver, and bronze available in many patterns, modern homeowners have added tin accents to their kitchen for an easy weekend DIY project.

Tin Ceiling Tiles in the Kitchen

Whether it's on the ceiling, the bar or as a backsplash, tin ceilings tiles offer a gorgeous, contemporary alternative to traditional kitchen design.

Look Up

Design your kitchen from top to bottom by highlighting your fifth wall with tin ceiling tiles. Do you wish your kitchen fixtures stood out more? Hand-painted artisan tiles from master artisan painter Brian McQuillan will allow you to accent your favorite features in a whole new way.

Consider matching the tin ceiling tiles to the gold fixtures in your home, or select a mint color scheme with Gold or Copper Patina accents. The subtle finishes in the ceiling will showcase your attention to detail and wow any home visitors. Tin ceiling tiles in the kitchen will allow your it to feel open and brighter.


Silver Tin Ceiling

Look Below

Counters and bar areas with standard wood finishes can get dull, but tin tile accents on furniture and cabinetry can instantly transform a kitchen. You'll love how the metallic shades seem to enlarge the floor plan, and your guests will love spending time in the kitchen, too.

Try a repeating 6-inch pattern like numbers 21 or 30 so the tin panels don't overwhelm a small area. If you can't settle on just one design, mix and match a few for a modern play on varying textures and styles. Try installing tin ceiling panels under your counters or along the bar for a sophisticated, modern feel.


Under Tin

Look Behind

Backsplashes are great ways to accent often overlooked areas in a kitchen. While granite or tile backsplashes can darken the area, tin backsplashes have a reflective quality so the area actually feels brighter and more open.

In addition, tin backsplashes are rust resistant and can be cleaned using only a mild detergent and warm water. Try the tin in a gold or bronze finish to complement white cabinets or painted walls. A tin backsplash lets you accent your favorite features of your kitchen.


Gold Brushed Bronze


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