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The Finishing Touches

Great projects are made in the details, and American Tin Ceilings offers an array of "finishing touch" molding and trim options to perfect your installation. Read below to learn more about the little finishes that complete your project.

Filler Panels

Filler panels have a flat, hammered texture which makes them ideal for filling perimeters, where an embossed panel would need to be cut to fit flush. Our filler is the only in the industry to have a nail rail, making the transition from one panel to another virtually seamless. LEARN MORE


American Tin Ceilings offers three types of molding in multple patterns in all of our colors: Flat, Crown, and Girder.

1. Flat Molding: A decorative tin trim generally used to border tin ceiling panels

2. Crown Molding: A dramatic frame for your finished ceiling installation, crown or cornice molding is designed to gracefully flare out to a finished edge where the ceiling meets the wall.

3. Girder Nose: Used for 90 degree corners on bars, down stairs, or a ceiling that transitions into a vault.


Our trims add a finished look to the edge of a tin tile. We offer trims for all installations: backsplash, roofs, walls. LEARN MORE

1. Inside Corner Trim: Used for backsplash and wall installations. The edge of the tin panel slips into the 1/4" channel creating a smooth, rounded surface. LEARN MORE

2. J-Channel Trim: The perfect trim for a backsplash or wall application, this trim is designed to snap on and cover the edge of the exterior Nail-Up panel, slipping right into the 1/4" channel.

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