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New Historic Tin Ceiling Tile Pattern from American Tin Ceilings

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest addition to the tin ceiling collection, Pattern #42. This pattern is a replica of an original tin ceiling tile discovered in a historic building in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Recreating a Classic Pattern

The architect on the project sent a 2'x4' piece to us and we selected the parts in the best condition to recreate the tin ceiling tiles pattern. The American Tin Ceilings team carefully cleaned layers of paint from the original tile then repaired a century's worth of scratches and dents to reveal the classic pattern.

A mold was taken from the gothic-flavored original using ATC's one-of-a-kind proprietary process. The result? A beautiful and historic ceiling tile brought back to life.

The care taken to preserve these particular historic tin ceiling tiles means they will be in high-demand for historic preservation projects. True-to-the-era products help old buildings stay on historic registries and we're happy to be a part of that.


Pattern #42 in Silver Washed White

On Point

Pattern #42 enters the market with perfect timing when geometric patterns and symmetry are still enjoying their moment. Vintage style and metallic looks are on the rise bringing tin ceilings to the forefront. There's never been a more welcoming time for tin ceilings. They blend well into just about every trend and design right now.

“This new tin ceiling tiles pattern is a refreshing juxtaposition between historic and contemporary,” says Crystal Kennedy, Operations Manager at American Tin Ceilings. “It's as much at home in a classic or historic design as it is in more transitional or eclectic styles. It's a flexible and timeless addition to our collection.”

Pattern #42 for ceiling and wall features a 12-inch repeat which makes it simple to cut to fit non-square rooms. Tiles can be cut in half or diagonally without interrupting the pattern for clean, symmetrical lines. It is available in 53 colors including Artisan hand-finished looks. The 2'x2' panels come in drop-in or nail-up installations and are fire rated ASTM E 84-03b.

Appropriate for both residential and commercial projects, Pattern #42 can be used in homes, multi-family, hospitality, retail, and restaurants. The panels are available through AmericanTinCeilings.com, starting at $1.75 per sq. ft. For volume discounts, call 888-231-7500.

Get a closer look at Pattern #42.

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