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Photo Contest 3rd Place Winner

Photo Credit: Christine Vroom

Introducing the 3rd Place Winner of American Tin Ceilings' Spring 2021 Photo Contest!

It's rare in Southern California for a homeowner to lean toward Southern charm. But that's what designer Christine Vroom was tasked with in a recent ranch style renovation. The clients gave her free rein to design the interiors flavored by classic Georgian revival. It required lots of customized detail that was truly a designer's dream project.

About the Project

The large home office needed to reflect the Southern charm of the rest of the house, but with the added requirement of giving it a moody, masculine, and rich twist. Vroom aimed for a classic cigar lounge feel. She used warm woods for the floor, panelled walls, and coffered ceilings. To add some edginess, Vroom used Pattern #1 in Antique Rustic Copper on the ceiling.

The copper color drew out the brassy-reds in the wood. The concentric, raised square pattern added texture that brought the design together and completed the space perfectly.

Scaling the Pattern

Squares and rectangles echoed throughout the space and Vroom wanted to keep that repetition. Changing up the scale with the concentric squares in the tin tile, then placing them four to a space, was the perfect way to keep with the theme but give it a new feel. Adding squares with a raised texture also reiterated the pattern with fresh perspective.

“This space wouldn't have had as much impact without the tin tile. Metal in a copper finish was the punch the space needed to blend together this masculine office dripping with wood, bronze, rustic fabrics, and leather.”

-Christine Vroom

What Caught Our Eye

Though the space has a serious mood, Vroom found ways to maintain a sort of grown-up playfulness. The creative use of Pattern #1 allowed her to layer a single shape in a way that we never got tired of. The ceiling simultaneously blends the design together yet is different enough that it invites us to look up at that gorgeous coffered ceiling complete with tin tiles.

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