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American Tin Ceilings Photo Contest Highlights

Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

This year's photo contest revealed some stunning and creative uses of American Tin Ceilings' products. Here are the honorable mentions. To note, we'll feature the winners starting in April!

Ceiling Projects

Photo credit: Cody Brown

The whimsey and color of this old-timey candy store is emphasized by the ceiling tile, Pattern #15 in Artisan Gold Patina.


Photo credit: Haley-Hill Photography

Pattern #15 in Bright White Satin on the ceiling echoes the geometric patterns throughout this conference room design.


Photo credit: Kristin Provost

Don't forget to look up in this classy powder room. Features Pattern #33 in Bright White Satin.


Photo credit: Renato-Colombini

Luxe elements combine in this bathroom with Pattern #34 in Matte White as the crown jewel in this eclectic design.


Photo credit: Crimson Design, Reagan Taylor Photography, Harper House

Pattern #1 in Bright White Gloss tops this vintage design that has delightful pops of international flair and modern interjections.


Photo credit: Matt Voss

This wine cellar hints at swanky prohibition speakeasies. Featuring Pattern #2 in Copper with Tuscan Bronze.


Industrial chic kitchen design topped with Pattern #20 in Oil Rubbed Bronze makes for a harmonic palette that just keeps delivering on style.


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Backsplash Projects

Photo credit: Kelley Day

Whitewash for the win in this contemporary rustic kitchen featuring Pattern #3 in Silver Washed White.


Photo credit: Charlene Cotter

Pattern #3 in Unfinished ties the stainless elements together with style in this traditional kitchen.


Photo credit: Greg Seals

Pattern #27 in Artisan Copper Patina blends elements of rustic and vintage seamlessly in this kitchen update.


Photo credit: Laurie Milord

White and bright, this clean cut kitchen featuring Pattern #3 in Matte White, makes transitional design look effortless.


Photo credit: Melinda Wellborn

Perfectly blending the textures and color of this design, Pattern #19 in Silver Washed Pewter was the finishing touch this kitchen wanted.


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Wall Projects

Photo credit: Leopoldo Delannoy

This media room wall is perfect for sitting back to relax with a cozy fire and classic movie. Features Pattern #12 in Black Matte.


Photo credit: Erin Lindsey

This kitchen feature wall adds floral texture to a neutral scheme with Pattern #2 in Artisan Silver Washed White.


Photo credit: Mary Richardson

Adding a little Americana to this clean and cozy design, Pattern #36 in Bright White Satin makes this wall pop as a leading feature of the room.


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Innovative Projects

Photo credit: Heidi Black

Creative bathroom vanity lighting included Pattern #1 in Unfinished in this chic bathroom.


Photo credit: Justin Quaranta

Innovative repurposed furniture with Pattern #23 in Artisan Gold Patina makes this piece the center of the room.


Photo credit: Scott Sheridan

A stunning fireplace extends from floor to ceiling with Pattern #2 in Artisan Oil Rubbed Gold.


Photo credit: Shauna Bolton

This one-of-a-kind wall-mounted headboard adds vintage chic to this texture-filled bedroom. Features Pattern #5 in Artisan Silver Patina.


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Stay tuned to the American Tin Ceilings to see more innovative and interesting projects featuring tin ceiling tiles, plus the big reveal of our winners!


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