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Revival Trends Making a Comeback

Vintage Design Trends

You can't keep a good trend down. It's not unusual to see our favorite interior looks come back around for a new day. Though varied in their style, these vintage design trends have one thing in common, the 2020's make their mark on them so they meet this decade with a freshness that keeps them relevant.

Take a look at how revival trends are making their comeback and what you can do to incorporate them into your design.


You may have sworn off brass the last time gold-toned hardware was in vogue. But it's back, and you're going to love it all over again.

Every design needs at least one metallic. Don't be afraid to mix metallics—they tend to balance one another. You'll continue to see matte metallics reign supreme but you'll see a shift from silver-based to gold-based in the next decade.

This time around, the brass revival has a patina that softens it to take off the shine that can make this metal overbearing. You can use it in your fixtures and other hardware. Lamps and decor work too. So long as you choose matte gold-tones and don't use too much of it, brass will be your new favorite metallic.


Freestanding Tub

The freestanding tub has already established itself firmly in the last decade and will continue well into the next. Beautifully curving stand-alone bathtubs that come all the way to the floor in a clean, modern line mix modern with a vintage concept.

The classic Victorian clawfoot tub will start to edge its way into top bath trends alongside the more modern interpretations of the freestanding tub. Mash-ups of modern, white acrylic combined with a traditional clawfoot will make an appearance.

Cast iron bathtubs come in all kinds of styles now, aside from the original design. The traditional material brings a sense of the vintage with a fresh design added to the mix.

Color Shift

Nearly as pronounced as the shift from silver to gold in metallic colors is the shift from a cool, light palette to a warm and dark one.

Beige is back as the neutral of choice. You'll still see plenty of grey but expect to see it in warmer tones. As the shift happens, you'll also see greige continuing to be a popular choice.

Vintage reds and pinks are coming into favor along with rich jewel tones that any Victorian would be proud of. You'll see less of the white, bright design and more of the moody dark design making an appearance.

The Neo Movement

The 2020s will be a time remembered for reviving and revamping vintage design trends. For instance, the neo Victorian interior design takes the deep, opulence of the era and combines it in stark contrast with minimalist modern elements. It sounds like a strange combination but it makes perfect sense in this era of making old things new again.

Another popular trend of the neo movement is modern boho. It combines Bohemian chic with a modern foundation. It aims to bring personality to the spareness of modern minimalism and has been growing in popularity for a few years.

It all started with mid-century modern style nearly a decade ago. In similar fashion, this style brought a vintage flair to an already burgeoning modern style in the twenty-teens. The style will never leave us. It has given life to a whole neo movement.

Four-Poster Beds

Another favorite of the Victorians, four-poster beds are cropping up everywhere. Four-poster beds are a sort of architectural element in the bedroom that takes otherwise unused space and transforms it.

The styles of four-poster beds range from spare and modern to ornate and eclectic. The way the bed is dressed has a huge impact on the overall effect, which makes it a perfect subject for neo movement design.

Use crisp white linens with an ornate bed and you have a neo Victorian interior design. Add a plush comforter and some macrame for a boho style. Mix and match to your heart's content with this flexible trend.

Tin Tiles

The hallmark of vintage design, tin tiles are now available in patterns that suit any revival trend. They too add an architectural flair that gives texture and shape to a room. They can be used on the ceiling or a wall. Add them to a backsplash for an on-trend kitchen.

Tin tiles are a great way to introduce gold-tones. Get the muted brass look with an artisan-made distressed color. The softened metallic is warm and the effect is a revival right out of the Victorian era.

You can also find other rich, dark colors that fit right into these revamped trends. Deep browns, rubbed bronzes, even aged copper has the deep color you seek to add a sense of luxury to your design.

Wood Paneling

Along the same lines as tin tiles, wood paneling adds a vintage warmth that stands out. It's luxurious and visually appealing with its natural grain and deep tones. It has a way of making the space feel cozy too.

Fully paneled walls can be a bit overwhelming, so if you already have wood panels lighten them up by removing all but one or two walls of panels. Or do half the wall in a wainscotting type style but in darker wood.

Vintage Rugs

A rug is an easy way to introduce style to a space. It's also the easiest way to change up your design because it's easy to remove and update. That also makes it the easiest way to add some revival trends to your design.

An opulent Victorian style rug with its rich colors and scroll motifs will instantly change the tone of your design. Oriental rugs have many of the same features and add a boldness that sets the stage for a revived design.

If you want some extra vintage luxury, shop for an antique handmade rug. It will introduce not only the right look, but the right feel as well.

Adopt some of these vintage design trends into your home and make your own mark on them. They'll enrich your space and freshen it at the same time.

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