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A Piece of History & Art: The Artisan Tin Tile Collection

In a world where less is more and digital technology has taken over, many homeowners or contractors may be nostalgic for times where design was decadent, detailed, and one-of-a-kind. Visions of European architecture like The Vatican, old Victorian homes, or ancient churches and palaces may come to mind.

For homeowners or contractors yearning for authentic vintage design, look no further. American Tin Ceiling offers an Artisan collection that replicates history and introduces an artistic element into your design.

What Tin Tile Dreams Are Made Of: The Artisan Collection

Our Artisan finish collection features more than 20 hand-applied color options made by our in-house Artisans. Color finishes in the Artisan series range from cool silvers and airy whites to warm-tone golds, coppers, and espressos (and even almost-black oil rubbed options). Two of the most popular finishes are the Artisan Silver Washed White and Artisan Copper Brushed Bronze.

Each Artisan tile provides a distinct two-tone rustic appeal—and depending on the space it’s installed in, can be rich yet subtle, or a standout masterpiece.

Places to Install Artisan Tin Tiles

Colored vintage tin ceiling tiles are an excellent addition to rooms where you want to enhance or add historical character. Bars or restaurants, as well as residential spaces where homeowners want to evoke a Victorian, Old World, or even Tuscan feel are prime places to install Artisan tin tile.


Colored vintage tin ceiling tiles are a welcome addition to not only ceilings, but walls, backsplashes, or other unique accents, too.

Contemporary Artisan

Artisan tin tiles aren’t just for rustic or vintage designs. They also look great in more contemporary settings too. Two-tone color schemes are on trend and Artisan delivers plenty of two-tone chic. A metallic and color in one tin tile is the ultimate in adding a two-tone scheme.

Bedroom with gold and white tin tile from the Artisan collection.

This bedroom features Pattern #2 in Gold Washed White, which enriches this modern bedroom with a warm glow that puts it right on trend for contemporary spaces. 

How Are Artisan Tin Tiles Made?

What makes our Artisan tin tile collection extra special? On-site professional artisans hand-apply color on top of each powder coated panel and then carefully rub parts of it off to expose the natural tin panel underneath. The result is a one-of-a-kind distressed or historic tin tile look. 

Since each tile is carefully hand rubbed, the finish and look differs slightly from tile to tile. This intentional differentiation is what makes the finished project a breathtaking work of art in today’s often stark and minimalist modern environments.

The History of American Tin Ceilings (Artisan & Beyond)

American Tin Ceilings prides itself on providing the highest quality of .010 gauge tin-plated steel tiles and detail work of hand finished pieces that resemble that of the original tin tile centuries ago. Unlike high-volume factory tin tile products (that are also often made with aluminum, plastic or Styrofoam), some of American Tin Ceilings’ tin embossed molds have been around longer than even the origin of the company.


The Artisan collection is as authentic-looking as it gets with tin tile. The hand finished distressed design will make any space feel like a gorgeous view of the past—like a piece of history found in public spaces like a museum, grand library, saloon, or civic building. No matter the year, Artisan tin tile will last (and look striking) for years to come.

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