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Get Outside: The Best Exterior Tin Ceiling Tile Ideas

Does the summer weather have you ready to get started on your gardening and landscaping projects? Or maybe you're planning a bigger project like an outdoor kitchen. Whatever your plans, don't forget that tin ceiling tiles look just as great outside as they do inside.

Exterior tin ceiling tiles can be used for anything from outdoor trims to the fireplace. If they are installed under the right conditions, you can enjoy them for many years.

Fence outside in the snow composed of tin tiles.

All tin ceiling tiles can rust when exposed directly to the elements, especially water. Our tin ceiling tiles are powder coated which makes them resistant to the elements, however, for best results with an exterior project, we recommend the following.

  • Ensure that tin tile is not directly exposed to water or direct weather conditions
  • Consider treating tin tiles with a metal exterior paint or sealant
  • Remember that sun, rain, and the elements will add nature's patina over time; embrace that in your outdoor spaces
  • Gently clean your tin tiles regularly with a hose and sprayer

Here are a few exterior metal ceiling tile ideas to get you started thinking about your outdoor project.

Soffits, Eaves, Awnings, and Marquees

A favorite exterior installation of metal tiles is on the soffits or eaves of a home or building. Terry Simmons, a residential and commercial designer in California, used tin tiles to cover the soffits of this detail-oriented Victorian mansion. The Kellogg Mansion (originally owned by the cereal baron) was built in the 1950s. The copper finished tin tiles on the soffits add an interesting accent to an often overlooked area.

Awnings over outdoor seating at a restaurant is another place to consider placing tin ceiling tiles outdoors. It allows for the design of the interior of the restaurant to make its way outside for seamless design style throughout a restaurant space.

Marquees of commercial buildings are another popular application for a little underside magic. Theater marquees provide an opportunity to add a little more drama to an already beautiful feature of a building.


Features Pattern #24


A stunning tin trim around a window, patio doors, or other outside feature makes it pop. Select a tin tile that contrasts with your outdoor color palette to further enhance the distinction. Or go with a tile that blends with the colors surrounding it but adds interesting texture and pattern.

A little goes a long way with tin tile. You can count on it to boost your aesthetic without detracting from your design.

Kitchen Design

Easy cleanability and excellent durability makes tin ceiling tiles perfect for a covered outdoor kitchen. Plus they add style to your space that will make you want to cook outdoors (or entertain outdoors) all the time.

Make your exterior kitchen a showpiece with exterior tin ceiling tiles. Put it on the backsplash, just like you would in the house. Cover the front of an island with it. Use it as a covering for the horizontal faces of your kitchen workspace.

Benefits of a Tin Tile Backsplash (Indoors or Out) 

Tin Tiles on Porch Ceiling

The porch can be a space with all the creature comforts and design elements of the best rooms of the house. If you love a good farmhouse, Southern, or Victorian porch, consider adding tin tiles on the porch ceiling.

A white plaster-look tin tile or distressed, whitewashed tile are both excellent choices to reflect light and keep the porch bright and light. An unfinished tin or nickel finish enhances light also. Include some stylish pendant lighting or ceiling fans to make the porch more comfortable and to complete your look. Let your porch invite your outdoor guests to look up and enjoy their surroundings, both natural and architectural.


Tin tiles on the fireplace are growing in popularity inside the house, but why not extend that aesthetic to the outdoor space as well? Choose a nickel or unfinished tin tile to reflect light or go with a distressed artisan finish for a rustic design. Once again, the tiles are easy to clean so you never have to worry about soot damaging the tin.

Another place to use exterior tin tile is on the fireplace surround. The tin tiles are actually steel coated with tin so they stand up to the heat well and add a dose of style you otherwise might not get around the fireplace.

Exterior tin ceiling tiles should be a part of your outdoor décor. Whether you're adding a trim for a little lift, or decking out a whole fireplace or outdoor kitchen, tin tiles have the durability, cleanability, and style you need for any of your outdoor spaces.


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